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12 Fibers Single-mode Stranded Loose Tube Type PE Sheath ADSS Cable-Span 800M

12 Fibers Single-mode Stranded Loose Tube Type PE Sheath ADSS Cable-Span 800M

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  • 12 Fibers Single-mode Stranded Loose Tube Type PE Sheath ADSS Cable-Span 800M
  • 12 Fibers Single-mode Stranded Loose Tube Type PE Sheath ADSS Cable-Span 800M

12 Fibers Single-mode Stranded Loose Tube Type PE Sheath ADSS Cable-Span 800M

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FM SKU#:SKU00971E2

The All-Dielectric Self Supporting (ADSS) cable is a completely non-metallic structure in which the tensile load bearing elements are integral within the circular design of the cable.

ADSS power optical cable adopts loose tube stranded.Optical fiber are positioned into a loose tube made of high modulus plastics. The tubes are filled with a Water-blocking filling compound. The tubes(and fillers) are stranded around FRP as a non-metallic central strength member into compact and circular cable core. The cable is completed with PE or AT (Anti-tracking) outer sheath.

Item Details

  • Fiber Count: 12 Fibers

  • Fiber Type: Single-mode G.652D

  • Outer Jacket: PE

  • Span: 800m
  • Cable Structure

  • Light weight, small cable OD, reduce the influence of ice and wind, lower the load of tower frame and supporting.
  • Accurately control the excess length of the fiber, which ensures the great tensile resistance and temperature property of the cable.
  • Non-metal central strength member, anti-electromagnetic interference.
  • Kevlar yarn material ensure a good performance of tensile strength.
  • Low dispersion and attenuation.
  • Laying with continuously point.

  • Application
  • Used by electrical utility companies as a communications medium
  • Suitable for self-supporting aerial applications
  • Long distance and local area network communication

  • Package

    Package 1 Package 2
    Package 1: usually for indoor cable, light weight cables.
    Package 2: usually for outdoor cable, heavy weight cables
    Usually for each roll, the cable length is 2km, but we could provide customized package for different cable lengths.


    Usually we only attach Test Report on the out package of the cable, but we could also mark as your requirements, such as:
    1. Company Name
    2. Cross /Net weight
    3. Drum No: XX
    4. Cable Length : XX

    Cable production throughout the chart


    Fiber CountSpan
    WeightCable DiameterWavelengthsRated
    ModulesThermal Expansion CoefficientStorage Temperature
    PE SheathAT SheathSMMM


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