1X2 1550nm Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator

1X2 1550nm Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator [FM-PMCIR-XS-1550-3-X]


Date Added: 01/07/2022 by Hugo Fachada
I ordered 1550 PM Optical Circulator which is just what I was needing. The connection is solid and t...

Date Added: 09/29/2021 by Paulo Price
This PM circulator is what we are looking for, low loss and good ER, GOOD JOB!

Date Added: 05/08/2021 by Pat Marshall
We use Fibermart PM circulators for years, never got any problem! GOOD!

Date Added: 04/20/2021 by Thomas Kornllo
Excellent PM Circulator on 1550nm, we trust the quality and technicals from fibermart!

Date Added: 09/23/2019 by Shawna
Good for use! Welcome to buy here!

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