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38dBm Output 20dBm each port 32 ports High Power 1550nm Optical Amplifier EYDFA

38dBm Output 20dBm each port 32 ports High Power 1550nm Optical Amplifier EYDFA

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  • 38dBm Output 20dBm each port 32 ports High Power 1550nm Optical Amplifier EYDFA

38dBm Output 20dBm each port 32 ports High Power 1550nm Optical Amplifier EYDFA

Product Item: #16756
Model: HA-9451-20-32-4-X
Price: US$6,875.00
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38 dBm Output 20dBm per port, 32 ports High Power 1550nm Amplifier for FTTH/CATV


Fiber-Mart FTTH-EYDFA-XDB-32P series is a Er/Yb Doped Fiber Amplifier that utilizes multimode laser pumping, all-fiber combiner and Erbium/Ytterbium double-clad, large-core fiber technologies to provide high RF output power over wide frequency bands with low distortion and high efficiency in low cost. 
This 32 ports Rack mountable amplifier can be integrated 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm WDM for optional for OLT signal application. Its output power can be distributed to multiple output ports for the application of CATV network. The front panel LCD display and status LED indicators for quick access of unit’s status. It suitable for high power broadband RF, VHF and band specific linear applications, particularly widely used in CATV transmission system and the high power distributing system FTTH requirement. It can be used for CATV analog/digital signal distribution, or match with PON system to construction the triple network integration.



  • Serve as Rack mountable amplifier
  • High and stable saturated output power 20dBm per port
  • 32 ports available, if you need other ports, please contact at [email protected]
  • High Power: Up to 2W total, 1 Unit for 2000~4000 optical node
  • Alternative RF Connectors: Duplex SC/UPC, SC/APC, FC/UPC, FC/APC, LC/UPC, LC/APC , ST/UPC and ST/APC available for choice
  • Single or dual 110VAC, 220VAC, and/or -48VDC power supply
  • 1550nm Typical operating wavelength, Integrated 1310nm/1490nm/1550nm WDM for Optional
  • ATC (Automatic Temperature Control) and APC (Automatic Power Control) circuit
  • High stability and high precision MPU system
  • Intelligent network management system
  • SNMP network management ensure the connectivity with all other network management system
  • Network interface comes with Ethernet, RS-485 and RS-232
  • 10 years of operation life
  • 3 years warranty


  • CATV analog/digital signal distribution
  • FTTH Optical Access
  • Optical Distribution System
  • In laboratory or field applications
  • R&D and Training

Simple Diagram

Epon System

Block Diagram

Order Information

Category APP Mechanical Configure Input Power Power/CH Ports Power1 Power2 Connector WDM
HA 1 2 2 0 17 32 2 2 2 0
HA: High Power Amplifier 1:CATV 1:1U  1:Normal 0:-3~+10dBm  17:17dBm 1:1 port 1:110VAC 1:110VAC 1:SC/UPC 1:w/ WDM
2:2U  2:High End 1:+5~+15dBm  18:18dBm 16:16 ports 2:220VAC 2:220VAC 2:SC/APC 0:w/o WDM
    2:0~+10dBm  …… 24:24 ports 3:110~220VAC  3:110~220VAC  3:FC/UPC  
    3:-8~+10dBm  33:33dBm 32:32ports 4:-48VDC 4:-48VDC 4:FC/APC  
    4:Others       0: None 5:LC/UPC  

Note 1: 1U rack, Maxim ports number: 4(SC/APC), or 8(LC/APC); 2U rack, Maxim ports number: 16(w/WDM), or 32(w/o WDM)
Note 2: High End configure with SNMP Net management, with standby switch function by RS485 connect.

Parameters Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Operation Wavelength λc 1540 1550 1565 nm
Saturated output power (1) Po 13   33 dBm
Input power Pi -3   10 dBm
Gain G     30 dB
Noise Figure (2) NF     6 dB
Output Power Stability ΔPo   ±0.05 ±0.2 dB
Input Isolator ISOi 30     dB
Output Isolator ISOo 30     dB
Input Pump Leakage PumpLin     -35 dBm
Output Pump Leakage PumpLout     -45 dBm
Return Loss RL     -45 dB
Polarization Dependent Gain PDG     0.3 dB
Polarization Mode Dispersion PMD     0.5 ps
Operating Temperature Tw -5   60
Storage Temperature Ts -40   80
Humidity (3)   10   85 %
Power Supply Vps 170   264 VAC
Power Consumption P     50 W

(1): Customer optional
(2): Test at +5dBm input
(3): No condensation


If any option which is not indicate in your Ordering, please write your option or request in your ORDER to Fiber-Mart, and contact with us.


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