The 40G QSFP+ transceiver module is a hot-swappable, parallel fiber-optical module with four independent optical transmit and receive channels. These channels can terminate in another 40-Gigabit QSFP+ transceiver, or the channels can be broken out to four separate 10-Gigabit SFP+ transceivers. The QSFP+ transceiver module connects the electrical circuitry of the system with either a copper or an optical external network. Fiber-Mart supply high quality QSFP+ transceivers which are used primarily in short reach applications in switches, routers, and data center equipment. These modules provide higher density than SFP+ modules. We also provide 400G QSFP-DD transceiver modules. For more information, pls contact us [email protected]


There are a variety of 40G transceivers currently available on the market. However, 40G QSFP+ optics follow the QSFP MSA standard which dictates that 40G QSFP+ connectors can be either 12-fiber MPO or duplex LC. Which are the MPO and the LC. What are the differences between these two interfaces? To put it simply, 40G QSFP+ transceivers that have an LC interface are used in transmitting data over long distances via single mode fiber (SMF), while transceivers with an MPO interface (except for 40GBase-PLR4 and 40GBase-PLRL4) are deployed for data transmission over short distances via multimode fiber (MMF). Let’s delve deeper and understand how 40G QSFP+ transceivers with LC interface work.


From the transmitting side, 4 channels of 10G serial data streams that have different wavelengths are sent over to laser drivers. The working principle of a 40G QSFP+ transceiver with an MPO interface can be explained by starting from the transmitting side, when it transmutes parallel electrical input signals into parallel optical signals via a laser array. The optical signals are then sent through the MPO-terminated MMF ribbon. In the other side, the receiver transforms parallel optical input signals into parallel electrical output signals using a photo detector array.


In today’s high-performance data network scenarios, 40G QSFP+ modules guarantee high-density, cost-effective and low-power 40G data transmission. Understanding the different 40G QSFP+ interface, types, and applications is of prime importance when selecting the best equipment for your data facility. FIBERMART can supply not only a wide variety of 40G QSFP+ transceivers, but also provide and help you build a reliable and easy to manage network system. With lifetime warranty and same-day shipping if you order by 8PM EST, you’ll get more, and spend less.

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