5M LC UPC to SC UPC Duplex 2.0mm PVC(OFNR) OM4 Bend Insensitive Fiber Patch Cable

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  • 5M LC UPC to SC UPC Duplex 2.0mm PVC(OFNR) OM4 Bend Insensitive Fiber Patch Cable

5M LC UPC to SC UPC Duplex 2.0mm PVC(OFNR) OM4 Bend Insensitive Fiber Patch Cable

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5M LC UPC to SC UPC OM4 50/125 Duplex Mutilmode Bend Insensitive Fiber Optic Patch Cable

Bend Insensitive Fibre Cable exhibit much lower optical power loss under bend conditions while remaining compatible with conventional cabling and are made with solid trench assisted optical fiber that is designed to reduce optical loss when the cable is bent. They provide the same high quality, mechanical features and optical performance as our standard patch cords with the added capability of maintaining optical performance when bent or flexed. It can reduces breaks in light dispersion upon twisting,bending ,or pressure for longer lasting bandwith with easy installation.

Bend Insensitive Fibre Cable are available for multimode (OM1,OM2,OM3 and OM4) and singlemode (OS2) networks.Fiber-MART can provide Bend Insensitive Fibre Cable for 1-50 meters and custom meter as you need.

Connector-1LC UPCConnector-2SC UPC
Fiber Mode50/125 mFiber TypeDuplex
Jacket MaterialPVCJacket ColorAqua
Cladding Diameter125/1 mMandrel Radius [email protected]/[email protected]
Macrobend [email protected](2 turns)Induced Attenuation 0.2dBMacrobend [email protected](2 turns)Induced Attenuation 0.4dB
Operating temperature-40 ~ 75CStorage temperature-45~85C
Fiber Class657A1/657A2RoHS Compliancy StatusCompliant


Bend Insensitive Fiber Optic Patch Cable are used in applications for which low loss in tight radius routing is important.

When routing cable around corners and in tight spaces is required, for example in FTTH installations in existing buildingsData Centres where network uptime is critical. For example, OM4 RBS patchcords will continue to provide data service when pinched by a cabinet door, whereas service would be lost with conventional OM4 patchcords

FTTH cabling in POPs, MDU distribution points and subscriber connectionsWhen small radius installation is needed or the cabling may be subjected to occasional small radius events

Bend Insensitive Cable Vs. Standard Cable

Bend-insensitive multimode fiber (BIMMF) is similar to standard multimode fiber except it with an innovative core design that incorporates a graded-index core profile combined with a specially engineered optical trench. This trench enables it to confine the modes that propagate within the fiber core, even in the most challenging bend scenarios. If you bend a conventional fiber too tightly the modes of light can often leak out of the core, resulting in signal degradation. With a well-designed bend-insensitive multimode fiber, the optical trench acts like a barrier to keep the modes of light inside the core even during tight bends.

The trench, or moat as some people call it, surrounds the core in both BI SMF and BI MMF to reflect lost light back into the core. BIMMF is fully compatible with OM2, OM3 and OM4 standards for laser-optimized multimode fibers and is also backward compatible with the installed base of non-laser-optimized 50 m multimode fibers.

Advantages of Bend Insensitive Fiber Cables

1.Fiber Cable installation errors due to steep cable bends (inside patch panels, racks, entrance/exit points, etc) can be avoided.
2.Patch Cords could benefit greatly due to bend insensitive fiber because the chances of heavily bending patch cords during installation/maintenance is very high.
3.Higher bandwidth applications can be confidently deployed using bend insensitive fibers as accidental excessive bending of fibers does not cause much of performance degradation.
4.Bend Insensitive fiber cables are very useful for indoor fiber cable installations as they can now be taken around walls, pillars, ceilings, ducts, and other uneven surfaces within the buildings without worrying about excessive fiber bends.
5.Bend Insensitive fiber cables can be spliced using the same methods used for normal cables and their splice performance could be measured using OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometers), just like normal fiber cables.
6.The normal fiber connectors and accessories are compatible to be used with bend insensitive fibers (Mostly).
7.Bend Insensitive fibers also show a great deal of resilience in situations where fibers are fixed to surfaces using clamping, tie-wrapping or stapling.

Packaging & Labeling

This easy to take and well-protected fiber optical cable package has been labelled and marked by Fiber-MART.COM as default.

How to Choose The Right Fiber Optic Cable Type

The difference of OM4 and OM3 fiber mode as the following
1. OM4 was developed specifically for VSCEL laser transmission and allows 10 Gig/second link distances of up to 550 m (compared to 300M with OM3).
2. The effective modal bandwidth for OM4 is more than double that of OM3.
3. For OM4 patch cable, it is 4700 MHz.km while for OM3, it is 2000 MHz.km.

DesignationFiber Dia.( m)TypeFast Ethernet 100BASE-FX1 Gbps Ethernet 1000BASE-SX1 Gbps Ethernet 1000BASE-LX10 Gbps Ethernet 10GBASE40 Gbps Ethernet 40GBASE-SR4/PLRL4100 Gbps Ethernet 100GBASE-SR4/IR4 PSM
OM162.5/125Multimode2000m275m550m(MCP cable required)33mNot supportedNot supported
OM250/125Multimode2000m550m550m(MCP cable required)82mNot supportedNot supported
OM3 (Laser Optimized)50/125Multimode2000m550m550m300m100m100m
OM4 (Laser Optimized)50/125Multimode2000m550m550m400m150m150m
Singlemode9/125Singlemode2000m5km at 1310nm5km at 1310nm10km at 1310nm1km at PLRL42km at IR4 PSM

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