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ASE SLED Light Source

FiberMart ASE light source is a high stable, high outpt power broadband light source. The new generation of ASE sources have no high frequency ripples, which makes them very useful for sensor interrogation applications. These broadband light sources have desktop or min size module package. Fiber-Mart provides C-band, C+L band and broadband ASE. These are available with either a flattened spectral output for demanding applications, or a non-flattened response for less demanding or cost-sensitive applications. A range of output powers are available.


SLED light source, the abbreviation of Superluminescent Light Emitting Diode, is a device which inludes a optical waveleguide and an electrucally driven pn-junction that tend to become optically active and generate amplified spontaneous emission over a wide range of wavelengths in forward biase. So, it is safe to say that a SLED is similar to a laser diode, the only difference beteewen both is that SLED lacks optcial feedback to achive lasing action, but this can be overcomed through a tilting a waveguide and a anti-reflection coated facets.

FiberMart provides varies standards of SLED broad band light sources with high stability and reliability as well as a wide wavelength ranging from 650nm to 1650nm. Fiber-Mart’s SLEDs have very rich application which includes fiber optical sensors, optical test instuments, biomedical imaging systems and spectrum analyses. Plus, vaires available output powers meet our customers different controls . In addition to our standard products, Fiber-Mart can also provides SLED devices with custom output power , custom optical performance as well as custom housing or fibers.

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