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1x2 Solid State Fiber Optic Switches

1x2 Solid State Fiber Optic Switches

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  • 1x2 Solid State Fiber Optic Switches

1x2 Solid State Fiber Optic Switches

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Artikelnummer: SOSW-1X2

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1x2 Solid State Fiber Optic Switches

1x2 Solid State Fiber Optic Switch connects optical channels by redirecting an incoming optical signal into a selected output fiber. This is achieved using patented non-mechanical configurations and activated via an electrical control signal. Latching operation preserves the selected optical path after the drive signal has been removed. It is designed to meet the most demanding switching requirements of continuous operation without failure, longevity, operation under shock/vibration environment and large temperature variations, and fast response time.

Fiber-Mart offers most affordable high performance magneto-optical fiber optic switches. The switch also has build-in circulator and isolator functions. Electronic driver is available for this series of switches. Our solid-state fiber optic switches are tested in-house prior to shipment to guarantee that they will arrive in perfect physical and working condition. Currently configurations includes 1x1, 1x2, 2x1 configurations for single mode or multimode fibers are available.


  • 1x2 configurations
  • Unidirectional operation
  • Microsecond switching speed
  • High stability and reliability
  • Ultra high repeatability
  • Low cross talk, low insertion loss
  • Wide wavelength range
  • High extinction ratio
  • High channel isolation
  • Fail-safe latching
  • Epoxy-free on optical path
  • No moving parts
  • Low driving voltage


  • Metropolitan area network
  • System monitoring
  • Configurable OADM
  • R&D in laboratory
  • Optical signal routing
  • Optical network protection and restoration
  • Transmitter and receiver protection
  • Instrumentation


Parameters Unit SOSW-1x2
Wavelength Range nm 1295 ~1325, 1520 ~ 1580
Testing Wavelength nm 1310/1550
Insertion Loss dB Typ: 0.7 , Max: 1.0
Return Loss dB ≥ 50
Crosstalk dB ≥ 45
PDL dB ≤ 0.10
Polarization Mode Dispersion ps ≤ 0.20
TDL dB ≤ 0.25
Optical Power Handling mw 300
Repeattition Rate Hz 2K
Switch Speed (Rise, Fall) us 50-200
Operation Temperature oC -40 ~ +85
Storage Temperature oC -40 ~ +85
Dimension mm (L)58.2 x (W)8.4 x (H)8.4 (±0.2)

Notes: Special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

Electrical Driving Information

The switch is actuated by applying a voltage pulse. Applying one polarity pulse, one light path will be connected and latched to the position. Applying a reversed polarity pulse, another light path will be connected and latched to the position after pulse removed.
* DP: Driving Pulse Voltage

Parameter Minimum Typical Maximum Unit
Drive voltage 4.5 5 5.5* V
Drive Current 110 140 195 mA
Pulse Duration 0.2 0.3 0.5 ms

1x2 switch

Optical Path Pin 1 Pin 2
Port 1→port 2 GND 5V Pulse
Port 1→port 3 5V Pulse GND

Attention! The typical drive voltage of single stage is 2.5V. Over this value will damage the device
Mechanical Dimensions (Unit: mm)

Order Information:SOSW-1x2-A-B-C-D-E-F-G

Type Mode Wavelength Switch Fiber Diameter Fiber length Connector
1x1 SM:9/125um 13: 1310nm 2: Dual Stage 25: 250um 05: 0.5m OO: None
1x2 M5: 50/125um 15: 1550nm 0: Special 90: 900um 10: 1.0m FP: FC/PC
2x1 M6: 62.5/125um         FA: FC/APC
            SP: SC/PC
            SA: SC/APC
            LP: LC/PC
            LA: LC/APC

For example: SOSW-1x2-M6-13-2-90-10-FP

Note: Driving kit with USB and TTL interfaces and Windows TM GUI is available. we also offer RS232 as an option--please contact Fiber-Mart at [email protected]


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