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We are top rated seller of fiber optic cable and fiber patch cable, fiber adapters and couplers for your individual or industrial requirements. At our shop, we have a huge selection of fiber optic connectors, fiber patch cable, and also the adapters at only the wholesale prices. You can buy fiber patch cables from us - our high-quality fiber jumper cables always specialize in low loss, transferring the signal fibers as quick as possible over the longer distances in order to make them unique for the different communication companies. Buy Fiber Patch Cable at Fibermart!

We have variety of fiber optic patchcords or fibre patch cords which are set to be the future method of connecting the internet. Fibermart cables are also suitable to provide some other types of beneficial connections for the items like telephones or televisions. If it is available in your living area, you can also install this fiber patch cable in your home. Our fibre patch cord, fibre optic patch cables are also known as the fiber optic patch cord which is capped at anyone of the end with the help of the connectors allowing it to be conveniently and rapidly connected to an optical switch called CATV or some other telecommunication equipment.Buy optical fiber patch cord, buy fibre patch cords at Fibermart!

Fibermart fiber patch cable always ensure the seamless and stable connections between your servers, workstations, and also any other hardware with the particular length single mode or multi mode fiber jumper patch cable. If you are going to choose the duplex unit of fiber optic cable, it definitely features an appropriate micron fiber for the high bandwidth and high speed data transmission over Gigabit Ethernet. There are several technical variations between the different sizes and types of fiber optic cables so first of all you have to know about such variations in order to pick the best choice from Fiber-mart online. You can buy LC cable, SC cable, OM3 cable, and OM4 cables from our store today. Buy Fiber Patch cord, buy fibre patch cord at Fiber-Mart.com



Fiber Optic Patch Cable is also known as fiber optic jumper or fiber optic patch cord. It is composed of a fiber optic cable terminated with different connectors on the ends. Fiber patch cord are used in two major application areas: computer work station to outlet and patch panels or optical cross connect distribution center.

Fiber-Mart provides various types of fiber optic patch cables including singlemode, multimode, multi-core, armored patch cables, as well as fiber optic pigtails and other special fiber jumper patch cables. For most of the patch cables, the SC, ST, FC, LC, MU, MTRJ, E2000 connectors (APC/UPC polish) are all available. In addition, we also have MTP/MPO cables in stock.


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