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Fiber Patchcord Manufacturing Equipment

With more than 12 years experience, Fiber-MART provide full solutions for manufacturing different Fiber Patch Cords (cable cutting, cable polishing, cable curing, cable testing, cable marking, cable packing), such as FC,SC, ST, LC, D4, DIN, MU, E2000, MTP, MPO patch cords. You can get most professional technical training after you buy Fiber-MART Patch Cord Manufacturing Equipment.

There are various kinds of Automatic Fiber Cable Cutting Machine, Auto Ferrule Glue-inject Machine, Auto Ferrule Crimping Machine, Ferrule Crimping Machine, Fiber Polishing Machine, Fiber Heat Oven, Fiber Polishing Fixture/Holder/Jigs, Inkjet Cable Marker and so on. If you want to set up your own patch cord workshop, Fiber-MART is your best choice, just send your need or requirement to us at [email protected]

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