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ADSL Testers

The common used ADSL Tester is ADSL2+ Tester. It is an easy-to-use, hand-held advanced telecommunication tester that used for the installation, maintenance and measurement of ADSL2+ service. This tester supports the testing function such as parameter, error, DMM, PING that related to ADSL2+ service, user register authentication on the ADSL2+ user’s line side. It also directly enables the engineers to verify, troubleshoot and evaluate the ADSL2+ service. It is the right tool for the network test job. Fiber-Mart supply a range of ADSL2+ Tester, and chinese 2m code error tester. Welcome to our store. Contact us at [email protected] or Live Chat with us. Buy quality fiber optic products on Fiber-Mart. Save your money & time right now!

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