Fiber Polishing Film

When choosing polish film, you want to achieve two things; a high-quality end face finish, and maximum value for your money. FIBERMART Polish Films provide both. Carefully graded abrasives are bonded with quality adhesives, enabling you to polish more connectors per sheet. These Optical Fibre Lapping Films have high performance, high strength silica and resins. They will help get the finish you want by cutting and polishing hard ceramic and stainless ferrules and glass fibers. Specialized Fiber Polishing Film eliminate slurries and messy cleanup. High first-pass yield minimizes rework. Precisely graded particles are coated on a high-strength backing. FIBERMART offers precision Fiber Polishing Film that produce very consistent finishes. Our Fiber Polishing Film/Optical Fiber Lapping Film is designed to provide greater finishing efficiency which translates into higher yield reducing production cost. Ideal for polishing Fiber Optic Connector Ferrules. Choose film in either Non-PSA or PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) backings.


Supplying High Precision Fiber Polishing Film from Original Factory


FIBERMART provides a family of products to assist customers who would like to connectorize their bare fiber, including Fiber Polishing Film for use with ceramic or stainless steel ferrules, polishing pucks, polishing plates, and connectorization kits. We also offer instructions on how to polish a connector, including how to glue and cleave the fiber. FIBERMART offers a great variety of precision Fiber Polishing Film that produce consistent finishes. Our Fiber Polishing Film are designed to provide a more efficient and precise finish on ferrules, which allows a higher performance and reduce production costs. Our Fiber Polishing Film are ideal to polish ferrules for Fiber Optic Connectors. We have a great variety of widths to ensure a good finish and avoid marked or defective products. We also offer different sizes and durometers in Polishing Rubbers, this to have a better consistency in the polishing.




FIBERMART supplies a comprehensive range of Fiber Polishing Film. These abrasive films are available in sheet or disc sizes. Polishing films are precise alternatives to messy slurries that require time-intensive cleanup. These films contain proprietary high performance silica and resins coated on 3mm films. We offer, below, advice on processes for a number of the commonly used polishing machines. We offer any guarantee or accept any liability for these processes, you will find that using FIBERMART Fiber Polishing Film and following the guidelines you will achieve a process that will only require small adjustments to obtain the result you require.

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