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Fiber Optic Transceiver Module is a self-contained component that can both transmit and receive. Usually, Optical transceiver it is inserted in devices such as routers or network interface cards which provide one or more transceiver module slot (e.g QSFP+, QSFP-DD, QSFP28, SFP28, SFP, XFP).


FiberMart provide a full range of optical fiber transceivers for sale


Such as QSFP28, QSFP+, SFP28, QSFP-DD, SFP+ (SFP Plus) transceiver, X2 transceiver, XENPAK transceiver, XFP transceiver, SFP (Mini GBIC) transceiver, GBIC transceiver, CWDM/DWDM transceiver, 40G QSFP+ & CFP, 3G-SDI video SFP, WDM Bi-Directional transceiver and PON transceiver. Fibermart also provide Active Optical Cable AOC for 100G QSFP28, 40G QSFP+, 25G SFP28, 400G QSFP-DD. All Fibermart optical transceiver, fiber transceivers, active optical cable and direct attach cables are 100% compatible with major brands like Cisco, HP, Juniper, Finisar, Nortel, Force10, D-link, 3Com. They are backed by a lifetime warranty, and you can buy with confidence. We also can customize optical fiber transceivers for sale to fit your specific requirements.


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