2mw Standard Outdoor single mode 1310nm optical transmitter

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  • 2mw Standard Outdoor single mode 1310nm optical transmitter

2mw Standard Outdoor single mode 1310nm optical transmitter

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2mw Standard Outdoor single mode 1310nm optical transmitter

Outdoor 1310nm Optic Transmitter is a special optical transmitting equipment in HFC broadband transmitting network. This product use direct optical intension, low RF-signal input level, excellent airproof and fast-heating capability, make it can work at any kind of bad environment. It can transmit analog TV signal digital TV signal and INTERNET data signal in 860MHz frequency.
Pre-distortion circuit makes product have excellent non-linear index, ensure optical fibre network and long distance transmitting, make out users cover. It with microprocessor circuit and VFD, for control and display optical transmitter work status and parameter. Perfect Laser control and protect circuit, ensure the stable reliable work capability.

Key Features

  • 1310nm Standard Outdoor Optical transmitters with LCD display
  • Frequency Range: 45~862MHz
  • RF input level: 75dB~85dB
  • Pre-distortion circuit makes excellent non-linear index
  • With AGC/MGC function, on-line RF control
  • ATC/APC circuit ensure stability of every index
  • CPU status control, VFD display, user can test every work parameters at any time
  • Use big area fast-heating make out nature cold wind, Improve Reliability
  • RF-input point and power supply with lightning proof
  • Waterproof design, suitable for every bad environment
  • Use high efficient SMPS, power supply: AC60V/220V/DC48V

  • Specification

  • Power: 2mW
  • Fiber Type: Single mode
  • Bandwidth: 45~750/862MHz
  • Flatness: ±0.75dB
  • Input Return Loss: 16dB(45~750/862MHz)
  • Input Impedance: 75Ω
  • RF Gain Adjustment Range: 0~10dB(AGC/MGC)
  • RF Input Signal Level Range: 75dBμV~85dBμV
  • RF Connector Model: F-connector(mm/inch)
  • Power Supply: 220V(110 ~265V/50Hz)
  • Laser Type: DFB
  • Optical wavelength: 1310±20nm
  • Optical Power(Optical Path Loss): 468~24mW

  • Applications:

    1310 broadcast and narrowcast applications
    CATV forward path
    RF over fiber

    Ordering Information

    Part No.wavelengthPowerconfigurationAdditional Function
    Fiber TypePower SupplyDisplay
    SOT-31TX-021310nm2mwSMFSingle powerLCDNo
    SOT-31TX-041310nm4mwSMFSingle powerLCDNo
    SOT-31TX-061310nm6mwSMFSingle powerLCDNo
    SOT-31TX-081310nm8mwSMFSingle powerLCDNo
    SOT-31TX-101310nm10mwSMFSingle powerLCDNo
    SOT-31TX-121310nm12mwSMFSingle powerLCDNo
    SOT-31TX-141310nm14mwSMFSingle powerLCDNo
    SOT-31TX-161310nm16mwSMFSingle powerLCDNo
    SOT-31TX-181310nm18mwSMFSingle powerLCDNo
    SOT-31TX-201310nm20mwSMFSingle powerLCDNo
    SOT-31TX-221310nm22mwSMFSingle powerLCDNo
    SOT-31TX-241310nm24mwSMFSingle powerLCDNo
    SOT-31TX-261310nm26mwSMFSingle powerLCDNo
    Notes: Add $20USD for each additional power supply.

    Fiber-Mart provide customized solutions for all needs and specifications,like Part Number,S/N,Vendor Name,Label,etc. We create a made-to-order transmitters just for you. Please email us at s[email protected] for your additional customized requirements.



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