Miller Fiber Connector Insertion & Extraction Tool

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  • Miller Fiber Connector Insertion & Extraction Tool
  • Miller Fiber Connector Insertion & Extraction Tool

Miller Fiber Connector Insertion & Extraction Tool

製品アイテム: #16883
P/N: FM-IET-100

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Fiber/Copper Connector Insertion & Extraction Tool for LC/SC/MU/MT-RJ/RJ45 Connectors


This insertion & extraction tool is perfect for inserting and extracting fiber or copper connectors in ultra high-density environment. The unique jaw of the tool is specially designed to easily navigate tight spaces and grasp connectors firmly without damaging them or touching any surrounding connectors. This tool is compatible with LC, SC (simplex/duplex), MU, MT-RJ, RJ45 and other similar type connectors.
Product Specification
Product Type Insertion & Extraction Tool Connector Types LC, SC, MU, MT-RJ, RJ45, etc.
Material of Tool Frame Steel Material of Handles PVC
Dimensions (HxWxD) 8.75″x2.75″x0.75″ (222.9x70x19.1mm) Weight 3.49oz (99g)

Quality Certifications
Product Highlights
Best Connector Tool for Fiber/Copper Installers

This connector insertion and extraction tool is capable of reaching into very tight spaces, and is truly the perfect tool for working with fiber or copper connectors in high density locations.


Perfect Structural Design

This tool is engineered for inserting and extracting fiber/copper connectors in high-density environment easily and safely.

Fiber Optic Tool Kits Perfect Structural Design
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    Bent nose jaw insures positive gripping without slipping.

  • Fiber Optic Tool Kits

    Rubber protected jaw grips connectors without damaging them.

  • Fiber Optic Tool Kits

    Non-slip and ergonomic handles ensure a secure grip.

Easy Operation for Different Types of Connectors

The insertion & extraction tool is compatible with LC and SC simplex/duplex connectors, as well as MU, MT-RJ, RJ-45 and other similar types, which is the best choice for fiber or copper connectors insertion and extraction.

Fiber Optic Tool Kits Easy Operation for Different Types of Connectors










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