NEMA 6-15 (Male) to IEC60320 C13 (Female) 14/3 AWG 250V/15A SJT Power Cord

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  • NEMA 6-15 (Male) to IEC60320 C13 (Female) 14/3 AWG 250V/15A SJT Power Cord
  • NEMA 6-15 (Male) to IEC60320 C13 (Female) 14/3 AWG 250V/15A SJT Power Cord
  • NEMA 6-15 (Male) to IEC60320 C13 (Female) 14/3 AWG 250V/15A SJT Power Cord

NEMA 6-15 (Male) to IEC60320 C13 (Female) 14/3 AWG 250V/15A SJT Power Cord

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NEMA 6-15 (Male) to IEC60320 C13 (Female) 14/3 AWG 250V/15A SJT Power Cord

Power cord is the ideal solution for powering a network device or connecting to a PDU and Computer in a data rack or network wiring closet. Extension power cord NEMA 6-15 (Male) to IEC60320 C13 (Female) with SJT jacket, and the power cords are 250 volts and features 14/3 AWG conductor construction which adhere to North American Color Code (NACC).A third contact design for a connection to earth is intended to protect against insulation failure of the connected device. The fully molded design provides for maximum durability and long life.

Safety Three-Prong Device

A note on insulation color-coding:Insulating plastic is color-coded to identify live/hot, neutral and ground wires but these codes vary around the world. Live/hot wires may be brown, red, black, blue or grey. Neutral wire may be blue, black or white. Since the same color may be used for live/hot or neutral in different parts of the world, it is essential to determine the color code in your region.
Safety three-wire system:The three-wire system replaced the older two-wire system, which lacks an earth/ground wire. Under ordinary circumstances, insulation on the live/hot and neutral wires prevents the case from being directly in the circuit, so that the earth/ground wire may seem like double protection. an earth/ground connection is a low-
resistance path directly to the earth. The two earth/ground connections on the neutral wire force it to be at zero volts relative to the earth, The neutral wire is the return path for the current to follow to complete the circuit. Furthermore, the two earth/ground connections supply an alternative path through the earth, a good conductor, to complete the circuit. The live or hot wire(hereafter referred to as "live/hot") supplies voltage and current to operate the appliance and the standard three-prong plug can only be inserted in one way, to assure proper function of the three-wire system.

Features of Fiber-Mart Power Cords

IEC60320 & NEMA Power CordsFiber-Mart supplies a feature-rich range of IEC60320 & NEMA, 18/16/14/12AWG assembled plugs,connectors & wire and cable products with a low profile ergonomic design and ROHS and REACH compliant.
Get Plugged inWith a variety of the UL and CSA certifiled 2/3/4 prong power cords which is rated at 10 to 20A, 250V AC International and 10 to 20A, 250V or 125V AC North America. you will always able to find what you need in Fiber-mart.COM.
Complete in VarietyAvailable with UL/CSA hospital grades, angled, splitter cordsets & powercords and UL/c-UL molded locking cordsets & powercords, They are all meet the standard testing requirements under UL and CSA.
Map Your Power ChainThis colored power cords is the ideal solution for powering a network device or connecting to a PDU in a data center or network wiring closet. By matching the same color as the entire power chain that supplies power to a rack.

Select the Best Option for Your Application

There is a wide range of motor controls available that meet one of the two dominant standards: National Electrical Manufacturers’ Association (NEMA) ICS 2 and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60320. NEMA and IEC starters are both rated for 1 million electrical operations, and the UL testing is identical for each. When selecting components, many designers stop at the two main differences between NEMA and IEC, size and cost. So how should we make a choice?

IEC versus NEMA Making the Choice

IEC is usually less expensive

NEMA can better withstand overload

IEC takes up significantly less space

NEMA requires less precision in design

IEC starter includes single-phase detection

NEMA is better for applications with load uncertainties

IEC starter provides quicker detection of overload conditions

NEMA can more easily withstand short circuits

IEC is finger safe

NEMA is more rugged and can better withstand abuse

For a user with a well-defined application, IEC makes sense. The standard is a good fit for those users with the time and expertise to carefully design their motor control and protection circuits to precisely fit a well-known operating environment. That includes just about any original equipment manufacturer, because the extra upfront design cost will be quickly made up with less expensive IEC components.
For scenarios where motors are subject to frequent overload or where the motor load is less well defined, NEMA may be a better choice. For those doing a one-time design.
Particularly when operating parameters are less well known, it may be cheaper to just use NEMA and forego the precise design required for IEC. The table lists the leading factors favoring IEC and NEMA. For most situations either IEC or NEMA may be employed, but IEC devices require more forethought and planning. If done correctly, IEC controls can pay big dividends and offer a competitive advantage.

Applications of IEC60 320 & NEMA Power Cords

IEC60 320 & NEMA Power Cords are widely used in many fields, such as commercial appliances, some home appliances, data centers, power distribution devices, and professional food equipment, to name a few. They are also used in indoor equipment fields.


NEMA 6-15 (Male) to IEC60320 C13 (Female) 14/3 AWG 250V/15A SJT Power Cord


250 Volts


Loose and bundled


15 Amps



Male Plug

NEMA 6-15

Jacket Material


Female Connector

IEC60320 C13

Jacket Temp.Rating

105 ℃


14 AWG




3 Wire


Each cord is tested for dielectric voltage-withstand(Hi-Pot), polarization and continuity.

Conductor Color Code

(NACC) Black, White and Green

Datasheet to Download



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