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  • ST-70Rリボンファイバーフュージョンスプライサー


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ST-70R 2-12Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer

USB interface, easy data download and software update
5.7 inch color LCD screen
Optical fiber amplification factor is large, and the core is clearly visible.
Typical welding time 20 seconds, heating time is short
Rich interface, internal and intelligent menu design
Deep concave type of wind proof cover, can be carried out in the strong wind of 15m/s
5000 meters sea level, to ensure that the quality of the plateau region weld
Typical case 200 cycles
Large capacity battery, strong endurance
Earthquake proof, dust proof, waterproof

5.7 inch color LCD screen, while observing the X axis, Y axis direction, provide clear digital image display and convenient and quick control feel.
Deep concave top cover, close fitting top operating platform, can be carried out in the strong wind of 15m/s.
When the optical fiber is used to cover the top cover, the optical fiber is placed in a solid fixture, so that the optical fiber can be accurately and correctly. The mirror is the light which is generated by the fusion welding.
Innovative fixture platform, which can change the type of fixture and ribbon optical fiber fixture, fast and convenient operation, can meet the single core fiber, 2-12 core fiber welding mode. Self - development of ribbon optical fiber fixture, can meet the single core fiber, 2-12 core fiber welding mode.
USB interface, easy data download and software update
ST-70R suit comes with ribbon fiber optic hot stripping pliers, excellent performance, high stability, convenient operation and fast, no injury fiber.
Applicable fiber
SM (G-652), MM (G-651), DS (G-653), NZDS (G-655)
Optical fiber quantity
Single core fiber 2-12 core fiber
Applicable fiber size
Fiber cladding diameter: 25 m, 250900 m diameter coating
With the fiber: the cladding diameter of 125 m, with the thickness of the coated layer 0.25-0.40mm
Fiber setting and cutting length
Working mode
Welding mode: 40, thermal mode: 40
Typical weld losses
SM:0.05dB, 0.05dB dB DSP:, 0.08dB NZDS:, 0.08dB MM:
Echo loss
Better than 60dB
Welding time
Typical welding time 20 seconds SM (G6.52 ITU-T)
Fused estimate loss
Time of heat shrinkable casing
40 seconds
Application of heat shrinkable sleeve
60, 40mm (optical fiber), 32mm (SOC connector)
Welding result storage
4000 welding record
Tensile test
Standard 2N
Optical observation and display
Two CMOS cameras and 5.7 inch color screen
Optical fiber amplifier
50 times, 20 times the maximum
Power Supply
Lithium battery (DC10.8V, 7800mAh) 100-240V AC adapter
200 times (including welding and heat)
Electrode life
2500 times
External interface
USB, external power interface (13.5V DC adapter)
Working environment
Temperature: -10 ~ C which, humidity: 0 ~ 95%
Altitude: 0 ~ 5000m, the maximum wind speed: 15m/s frost free, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof
Storage environment
Temperature: -40 ~ 80 C, humidity: 0 ~ 95%
168mm (long) x 150mm (wide) x 165mm (high)
2.0Kg (bare metal) 2.5Kg (including battery)









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