IP67 MPO to MPO Waterproof Fiber Patch Cable

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  • IP67 MPO to MPO Waterproof Fiber Patch Cable
  • IP67 MPO to MPO Waterproof Fiber Patch Cable

IP67 MPO to MPO Waterproof Fiber Patch Cable

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24 Fibers IP67 MPO to IP67 MPO Singlmode Waterproof Fiber Patch Cable


Waterproof fiber optic patch cables are designed to fit for outdoor connection applications. Thestrong PU jacket and singlemode APC armored structure of cable provide 1Gigabit data transfer speeds in high bandwidth application, up to 5 times faster than standard 9/125um fiber patch cable. What’s more, it’s IP67MPO cable connectors have an extremely rugged, protective rubber coating with integral anti-kink strain-relief boot and a rubber-coated, metal, latching cap, attached by a steel lanyard. When mated or capped, the connection is environmentally sealed up to IP65. They can resist high temperature and suit to use in harsh environment, and ideal for use in a variety of applications, including Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA) and Fiber to the Home (FTTH).

Fiber-Mart provides MPO male(with locating pins) suitable for mounting from the rear in the MPO panel mount connector, and either a 12-core or 24-core fiber to an MPO plug (with locating pins) or socket(without locating pins) 12-core or 24-core connector with mating housing, or to a breakout or fan-out terminated with individual LC, SC, ST or FC connectors. Any customized requirement, please fell free to inform us.

International Protection(IP) Rating

Features & Application

IP67MPO Connectors: socket & plug

There are two types of IP67MPO weatherproof connector: IP67MPO plug (with locating pins) and IP67MPO Socket (without locating pins), the plug of one cable and the socket of the other cable can be connected to extend the cable length.

IP67 MPO Component Details

Fiber-Mart IP67MPO cable connector accommodates twelve or twenty-four singlemode APC, optical channels based on the conventional and proven MPO connector. The Aluminum housing, features a spring-loaded push-pull locking mechanism and excellent cable retention utilising an aramid yarn within the cable. Fibres within both chassis and cable connectors are protected against dirt and dust when unmated by an automatically operated sealing-cover. In addition to the automatic sealing shutters, a rubber-coated, steel, latching protective cap is fitted for use when unmated,.When mated or capped, the connection is environmentally sealed up to IP67.


Item Type Parameter
Insertion Loss SM ≤0.20dB
MM ≤0.30dB
Return Loss SM ≥50dB
MM ≥35dB
Repetition Test Additional Loss≤0.1dB, Reture Loss Variability<5dB
Temperature Stability(-40℃~85℃) Additional Loss≤0.2dB, Reture Loss Variability<5dB
Free fall resistance 500 falls onto concrete from 1.2M height
Bump resistance 4000 bumps @ 40g acceleration
Tensile Strength Tensile of 1500N, cable dependent
Operating temperature -40 to +70°C
Storage temperature -55 to +85°C


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