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Self-Latching Push Pull Waterproof Connector

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  • Self-Latching Push Pull Waterproof Connector

Self-Latching Push Pull Waterproof Connector

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Self-Latching Push Pull Waterproof Connector


The self-latching system is renowned worldwide for its easy and quick mating and features. It provides absolute security against vibration,shock or pull on the cable, and facilitates operation in a very limited space, Connection loss is small, high reliability, rugged, waterproof, dustproof and resistant to harsh environments, etc. , can provide a core, 2 fibres, 4 fibres, 2 fibres 2 power, 2 fibres 4 power and a variety of multi-core electrical connectors and other models can also be designed and manufactured according to customer needs, can be used for outdoor harsh environments.


  • Using self-locking plug connection technology for fast connections.
  • Three keys to position the multi-core fiber design to ensure the correctness and a blind plug connection.
  • All-dielectric high-strength copper alloy case, high strength, but also the production of materials based on customer requirements
  • Connector plug and socket comes with dust cover, ensure the quality of the connection.
  • Has a corrosion-resistant, waterproof, dustproof, etc.
  • Cable Length: 1M
  • Fiber Numer: 4 fiber
  • Connector: Self-latching push pull waterproof plug connector to Self-latching push pull waterproof socket connector



  • Emergency repair quick connect system
  • Radio and television industry, high-definition camera system
  • Military exercise communications devices
  • Mine communication system to connect
  • Railway emergency communication system to connect
  • Power industry emergency communication system
  • Connect the mine communication system

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