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Single-channel 7410 Outdoor EOC Master

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  • Single-channel 7410 Outdoor EOC Master

Single-channel 7410 Outdoor EOC Master

제품 항목: #11852
P/N: sku11852

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FM SKU#:SKU00001Q1

Product Overview

EOC11T coaxial cable terminal is an EOC (Ethernet over Coax) Master with the access function of CATV (cable television) and wideband data. EOC21T can implement hybrid output of IP data signal and CATV signal toward cable television distribution network in order to realize co-cable transmission of radio and television programs and IP data.

EOC11T is in the EOC head-end and under-connects more 253 EOC slave coaxial cable network unit equipments. This device can be installed in ONU (Optical Network Unit) cable output line of HFC (Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial) CATV network or input line of user distribution network in one building. It provides the users with services of voice, video, data and so on.

EOC11T supports remote network management. Users can log in EOC21T through WEB or SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) or TELNET, etc. After logging in, its under connects—EOC14U—can be managed centrally, such as QoS (Quality of Service) set up, encryption set up, statistics, inquiry of condition and information, software upgrading, etc.

In coaxial network, EOC11T provides access wire speed of 350Mbps, occupies Low Frequency Band under 30 MHz and has no collision with the current CATV system frequency, which can decrease mutual interference. Besides, it supports the current CATV network of tree and chain structure, enables long distance transmission and enjoys high bandwidth and good network adaptability. It completely meets the requirement of Triple-play (integrating three networks into one) of broadcasting and television system.

This device is coated with Aluminium. It has the broadcasting and television conventional waterproof shell for outdoor installation which makes it suitable for outdoor wire-lashing installation convenient for operation.

Product Features

  • Coated with airtight aluminum shell that prevents water and dust.
  • A wide range of operation temperature from -25℃ to 55℃.
  • Occupies the Low Frequency Band under 7.5~65MHz.Strong capacity of anti-interference.High bandwidth.
  • Provides 2 Cable interfaces to input CATV signal and output hybrid signal of IP data signal and CATV signal.
  • Provides 2 10/100/1000M autosensing Ethernet interfaces to connect up ONU(Optical Network Unit) and Ethernet Switch or to serve as Up-link to under-connect EOC21T.
  • Accessible to 253 coaxial cable network units.
  • No protection needed outdoor.Supports outdoor wire lashing.
  • After logging in EOC11T, the user can manage remotely its under-connected coaxial cable network units.

  • Product Specification

    Interface2 10/100/1000M autosensing Ethernet interfaces (Auto MDI/MDIX)
    2 waterproof feed-thru F type metric Cable interfaces (metric or imperial)
    1 Console port
    Radio frequencyFrequency range:7.5~65MHz
    Output power: 15dBm
    Receiving sensibility: -65dBm
    Interface type: F type feed-thru female connector socket
    Output impedance: 75Ω
    QoSIEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.3u Auto MDI(X)
    Remote managementsupports remote WEB management
    Supports central management of its under-connected EOC SLAVE coaxial cable network unit
    PerformancePhysical layer rate: 700Mbps; MAC layer throughput: 350Mbps
    Code modeAsynchronous
    Modulation modeOFDM – 1155 carriers 1024/256/64-QAM, QPSK, BPSK
    Transmit distance1000 m
    Encryption mode128-bit AES encrypted
    Power100~240V AC
    Size (mm)227 (length)× 217 (width)× 110 (height)
    Weight< 4kg
    Operation temperature-25~55°C
    Stock temperature-40~70°C
    Operation humidity10%~90% non- condensation
    Stock humidity10%~95% non-condensation
    Power consumption10 W

    Ordering information

    TypeProduct description
    FM-EOC11T-741 input 1 output EOC master,outdoor,7410 chip.
    FM-EOC12T-742 input 2 output EOC master,outdoor,7410 chip.
    FM-EOC11TS-741 input 1 output EOC master,indoor,7410 chip.
    FM-EOC12TS-742 input 2 output EOC master,indoor,7410 chip.
    FM-EOC11T1 input 1 output EOC master,outdoor,7410 chip.
    FM-EOC11TS1 input 1 output EOC master,indoor,7410 chip.

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