MPO Trunk Cable

MPO trunk cable are designed for high density application which offers excellent benefits in terms on-site installation time and space saving. Fiber-Mart provides 12 to 144 fiber (core) MTP / MPO trunk cable which support both 12-strand and 24-strand in single-mode or multi-mode. The trunk cable assemblies are composed of high quality LSZH jacketed fiber optic cables, connecting equipment in racks to MTP/MPO backbone cables. FiberMART Cable, mpo/mtp trunk cable, MTP / MPO trunk cable are factory pre-terminated, tested and packed along with the test reports. We also provide Customized Service such as cable lengths, meanwhile mpo/mtp trunk cable, 40G/100G MTP/MPO cable solutions are available. Buy cable mpo, Buy mpo cable at Fibermart!



FIBERMART (Fiber-MART.COM) is a leading company in developing and manufacturing advanced MPO trunk cable to Telco Market. We offer customers a broad range of networking and communication solutions in following categories: Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies, MPO trunk cable Solutions, Fiber Optic outdoor Patch Cord and water-proof cable, Fiber Optic Cleaning kits, Fiber Adapter and connectors, fiber optic SFP Module and so on. We create a good working atmosphere, solidarity and cooperation, and build the corporate culture - Service, Excellence, Innovation, Fidelity, Reciprocity, Economical, and Development. All MPO trunk cable products are designed, manufactured and delivered to meet the requirements of ISO9001. We welcome you to consider FIBERMART to provide the high-quality MPO trunk cable and considerate service for meet your demands. We always aim accurate lead time and best service with high quality MPO trunk cable products to customers.


FIBERMART also has strength as OEM MPO trunk cable manufacturer. We have sold our MPO trunk cable to many worldwide Data Center, Telecom and Datacom companies, and most regions such as Asia, Europe, America, Africa region. All of our manufactures optical products are RoHS compliant and FIBERMART also obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 certification. With years of experiences in the fiber optic industry, our MPO trunk cable factory is fully equipped over 5, 000 square meters and more than 10 production lines. About 200 well-trained staff and engineers are contributing to our proud MPO trunk cable. Our wide range of cost effective MPO trunk cable are widely used in telecom operator equipment rooms, data centers and corporate networks. These cables provide exceptional high density transmission performance and low signal losses. MPO trunk cable consist of array with optical fibers, this allows to increase cabling density and ensure maximum port bandwidth utilization. 

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