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Telephone Modular Jacks & Connectors

Telephone Modular jack & connectors, a cornerstone of communications technology, have been used in the telecommunications and Ethernet industry for many years.
Telephone Modular Plug (RJ11 and RJ45 Modular Plugs): RJ-11 modular plugs for standard telephone applications. RJ-45 modular plugs for Local Area Network (LAN) and computer applications.
RJ45 boot protectors are used protects the phone jack plug clip when cables are pulled through bundles. RJ45 Boots in assorted colors help keep your wire closets and patch panels organized.
Fiber-Mart can supply lots kinds of telephone modular jack & modular plug & modular plug covers, as well as series of Cat5e, Cat 6 modular plugs & jacks. For more information, please contact our sales representative right now. Save your time & money for your business or project !

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