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FS-P-OTP800 Packet-Optical Transport

Fiber-Mart’s FS-P-OTP800 family is an high-flexibility, stability and carrier-class optical transport platform system, offering diversely cost-efficient solutions for multi-haul network systems. Our Fiber-Mart’s FS-P-OTP800 family consists of two parts. One is Rack Mounts which have three optional models( FS-P-OTP800-2S, FS-P-OTP800-4S, FS-P-OTP800-8S). Another is service cards, including 2.5G/10G OEO, OLP and 2.5G/10G TMUX cards. The rack mounts, backed by best-in-class packet optical technology, allow a mixed configuration and hot-swap of different service cards so as to integrate new network systems or enlarge transmission distance of off-the-shelf networks, such as CWDM, DWDM, SDH.

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