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Brief introduction of OTDR OLT optical module

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The fiber to the home (FTTH) is an important technology of the wired access broadband in 21 century. And PON represents one of the most widely deployment network architecture.
ShinewayTech S20A/E Palm OTDR 1310/1550nm, 28/26dB
At present, the global telecom operators are trying their best to reduce the operating network cost. At the same time, they integrate the fault location and the management function into various operating systems to reduce the network disruption and loss of income.
 This approach has been adopted widely in the core network of high bandwidth connections. But with the data rate of the broadband access network increased, the edge network also appears the same demand.
 The OTDR OLT optical module is designed to solve the demand that to integrate monitor function into the network management system and then realize the real-time monitoring of the fiber optical network.
 Of cause, we also supply other optical module, such as 10G XFP modules, 10G SFP+ Modules and so on. For the latest quote information, please contact our customer services.

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