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Connectivity Propellers That Make Your Computers Work

by www.fiber-mart.com

The human brain is connected to different organs like eyes, nose, ears, etc. through neurons. As the organs sense different activities, the message is further carried to the brain while the brain interprets these impulses and acts accordingly.
The computer network in this 21st century with a high level of increased usage functions very similar to the human body. The similarity persists in the ways it is networked. The brain is the central processing unit (CPU) of the human body and the network of neurons connects it with the different organs.
It is quite astonishing to know how neurons create a network of impulses in the human body. But how does a computer network connection with the devices? It certainly does not create its network using neurons. So what creates a computer network? How are different devices plugged into the computers?
The answer is using Universal Serial Bus(USB) Cable, Fiber Optics Cable, Networking Cable. These are the connectors which are used for connecting various external devices with a computer for data transfer and for creating a vast network spread across the oceans.
USB Cables/Adapters
Designed basically for standardization of computer connection peripherals, for supplying electricity and for communication which replaced the large variety of earlier interfaces of the likes of serial ports and parallel ports and separate power cables for portable devices. The USB Cables and Adapters are the highly demanded accessories when the world has been through the smartphone boost.
File transfer, charging, portability is the few of the uses of USB. It is supposed to be a universal connector, has many variants in accordance with the functions. Type-A, Type-B, Mini USB, Micro USB, Type-C are the different variants available in the market.
Fiber Optics Cable
Optical Fiber Cable uses pulses of light to transfer data using the phenomenon of Total internal reflection. The cable is coated with plastic and it protects the cable from exposure to heat, cold and other weather atrocities, electromagnetic interference and ultraviolet rays of the sun.
These cables are the most reliable and fastest data transfer cables on the planet. OFC is used to connect and transfer data across continents. They are fast which can carry large capacity, the signals have higher strength and require the least maintenance. The most reliable and powerful connectivity propeller is an optical Fiber cable. It has varied applications like internet connectivity, telephone systems, cable TV, stereo system etc.
Networking Cables
Wireless connectivity is thriving but many computer networks still rely on physical cables to transfer data. Coaxial cables-the ones introduced the earliest for connecting TV sets with the antenna is also a standard for 10MBPS Ethernet cable.
The upgradation from 10MBPS to 100MBPS ethernet cables introduced the twisted pair cables. Its two primary types are an unshielded twisted pair (UTP), shielded twisted pair (STP). Crossover cables have the purpose of connecting more than one devices at the same time such computers or network switches.
All these cables and adapters are the lifelines of the modern world and keep the world networked and connected together.

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