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EPON ONU with 1-PON Port and 24 10/100M ports

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 EPON ONU with 1-PON Port and 24 10/100M ports



FM-E037U series is Fiber-MART company access to applications for large-scale carrier-grade EPON FTTB ONU equipment, the series follows the IEEE 802.3-2005 comprehensive EPON equipment and technical requirementss of China Telecom V2.1, unified, open software and hardware architecture provide a powerful network management capabilities, to achieve a flexible network and management system, with telecom-grade operations, manageability and easy to maintain. Provide users with fiber to the building (FTTB, Fiber To The Building) solutions.


Product features:

Conform to IEEE802.3ah standard and meet CTC V2.1 technical requirements
Support Ethernet service layer 2 switching and wire-speed forwarding of uplink and downlink services
Support frame filtering and suppression
Support standard 802.1Q Vlan function, support VLAN conversion
Support 4094 VLANs (802.1Q)
Support Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) function
Support QoS, including traffic flow classification, priority marking, queue and dispatch, traffic shaping and traffic control, etc
Single ONU supports up to 8 LLID.
Support IGMP Snooping
Support Ethernet port ratelimit loop detection
Support power failure alarm
Support lightning protection for power supply and lightning protection for service port

Port features:

1 PON ports (1.25G)
24 10/100M port
Physical features:
Physical dimension: 440*207*43.6 (L×W×H, unit: mm)
Power supply:100-240VAC
Power consumption: 22W
Working temperature: -10℃~+55℃;
Storage temperature: -30℃~+60℃;
Relative humidity: 10℃~+90℃ (non-condensing)

FIBER-MART(Fiber-Mart.com), based in HongKong & U.S., belongs to SUNMA Group, a worldwide leading supplier in fiber optic network, fttx, fiber cabling & connectivity, fiber testing, fiber splicing, fiber polishing, fiber blowing & integrated network solutions. devoting on the research & development, design, manufacture, and fiber connectivity network solutions for carriers, ISPs, content providers and networks, has always engaged in high-performance and innovation.

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