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Everything You Need to Know About the 10Gbase Copper Transceiver

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If you haven’t heard about 10Gbase technology yet, it consists of communications technology that enables 10-Gigabit Ethernet operations over twisted pair copper cable, and that covers both un-shielded and shielded cable. The 10Gbase cables made of copper offer the appeal of affordability along with great performance, so altogether that’s a pretty tough combination to beat.
Any IT manager who has ever been faced with implementing a network of fiber optics is well aware of the tremendous cost that fiber optic cabling costs, which is why this copper-based technology can be so useful. With this kind of technology now generally available, IT managers have another legitimate option they can choose for 10G networks.
The 10Gbase copper transceiver
Designed to handle high speed communication links which make use of 10-Gigabit Ethernet and CAT 6a and CAT 7 cabling, this copper transceiver is capable of ultra high performance, and can comfortably mange bi-directional communication over copper cables. It is the very first transceiver to have these capabilities while also being made entirely of copper, to keep costs out of the stratosphere. It is also compliant with the published standards set forth in SFF-8431 and in SFF-8432 MSA. The multi-source agreement (MSA) is a standard established by multiple network device manufacturers to make products which are compatible across vendors.
Wattage savings
In addition to being extremely affordable, the 10Gbase copper transceiver is capable of saving at least 1/2 W per port, when compared to an embedded RJ45 port setup at link distances of 30 m. This is what allows it to be more effective and better-performing in rack-by-rack and port-by-port connection setups. When cables are adjusted or become positioned at different angles, there is no link loss because of how strong and robust the mechanical side of it remains. Without changing your existing network infrastructure at all, you can instantly extend the life of hardware switches in your network.
Why use the 10Gbase copper transceiver?
If you haven’t already been convinced, there are still more reasons to use the 10Gbase copper transceiver. There’s no other transceiver which has the capability of delivering data at speeds up to 10Gbps over CAT 6a or CAT 7 cables, while at the same time delivering 10G data transmission to copper-interfaced equipment.
It simply provides the greatest flexibility for copper applications of a low-density nature, and represents a considerable improvement over any kind of fixed-port 10G switch. These copper transceivers are also already compatible with many of the biggest brand names in network equipment, e.g. Cisco, Dell, and Arista.
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