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FHX Ultra High-Density Fiber Patching Solution

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In today’s data centers, space is often at a premium, making density more critical than ever. So using a comprehensive solution of high-density fiber enclosures with either adapter panels or fiber cassettes would provide a complete fiber cross connect patching solution for applications where maximum density is required. The topic of this post is about ultra high-density FHX fiber enclosure system, which includes ultra adapter panels, ultra MTP/MPO cassettes and ultra fiber enclosures.
12 Fibers 10G OM3 LC/SC/ST/FC 12 Strands MTP LGX Cassette
Basics of FHX Ultra Fiber Enclosure System
Generally, high-performance data centers need solutions delivering easier MACs and the flexibility to migrate to higher data speeds as business needs push for ever-greater transaction volumes. Our ultra high-density FHX fiber enclosure system addresses the needs head-on.
The FHX ultra fiber enclosure is designed with optimum serviceability and manageability, which enables data center technicians to quickly and safely complete moves, adds and changes while simultaneously providing the scalability to increase density as business demands evolve. Moreover, the FHX fiber enclosure can be converted to support either 8-port or 12-port FHX cassettes and adapters by moving and changing the rails. Cassettes can be installed from the front or the back of the enclosure. With split-tray design, they simply slide in and are locked into place. This not only speeds serviceability and deployment, but also streamlines migration from 10G to 40G or 25G to 100G.
144 Ports 10G OM3 24-fibers MPO/MTP Ultra High Density 1U Rack
Patching Solutions for FHX Ultra Fiber Enclosure System
As stated above, the FHX ultra fiber enclosure can be mounted with FHX adapter panels and FHX MPO cassettes.
Fiber Enclosure + MPO Cassettes
The FHX MPO-LC cassette modules provide the interface between the MTP connector on the trunk and the LC duplex jumpers that will then connect directly into the electronics. When holding MTP/MPO LC cassettes, the 1U fiber enclosure can house 18 x 8F FHX cassettes or 12 x 12F FHX cassettes, with the total fiber capacity up to 144 fibers for LC interface. This mounting option is suitable for 10G to 40G or 25G to 100G application.
The FHX MTP conversion cassettes are used to convert fiber cabling systems based upon multiples of 12 fibers to 8 fiber system used by applications requiring parallel optics (40GBASE-SR4, 100GBASE-SR4, etc). When holding MTP-MTP conversion cassettes, the 1U fiber enclosure can house 12 x MTP-8 conversion cassettes or 12 x MTP-12 conversion cassettes. But this mounting option is suitable for connectivity to 40G QSFP+ and 100G QSFP28 with 100% fiber utilization.
Fiber Enclosure + Fiber Adapter Panel
In addition to mounting with MPO cassettes, the FHX fiber enclosure can also be loaded with 12 FHX fiber adapter panels to provide a means to connect backbone-to-backbone or backbone-to-horizontal fiber cabling. It allows for routing and protection of fibers without disturbing adjacent circuits.
Generic Compatible 40GBASEER4 and OTU3 QSFP+ 1310nm 40km LC Transceiver for SMF
Benefits of Using FHX Ultra Fiber Enclosure System
Compared with traditional fiber management system which wastes valuable time, causes outages and impedes business growth, the FHX fiber enclosure solution enables managers to be more efficient with rack space, prolonging the need for data center expansion without sacrificing performance. And the added space allows for increased airflow, reducing heat and extending the product’s life expectancy. In a word, it addresses today’s requirements for increasingly higher density levels, delivering simplified management while helping you maximize return on assets and minimize downtime.
The ultra high-density FHX fiber enclosure solutions meet the need to optimize existing data center space, and enable organizations to meet the business demands for higher data rate while minimizing the costs of space and equipment. With superior best-in-class features, the ultra high-density fiber plug and play system offers superior density, port access and cable management in a sleek, modern enclosure that easily supports today’s advanced data center and storage area network environments, while providing seamless migration to 40G and 100G. In all, the whole fiber patching solution becomes the most serviceable and manageable on the market today.

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