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Fiber Optic Connector Types for data center

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LC and MPO Fiber Optic connectors were defined for data center applications in accordance with ISO/IEC 24764, EN 50173-5 and TIA-942 standards for fiber optic cabling systems.
MPO Connector (IEC 61754-7)
MPO (multipath push-on) is based on a plastic ferrule that provides the ability to house up to 24 fibers in a single connector. Connectors with up to 72 fibers are already in development by this time. This connector stands out because of its compact design and easy operation, but brings disadvantages in optical performance and reliability.
This connector type is of crucial importance because of its increased packing density and ability to migrate to 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet.optical-fiber-mpo-connector_400
LC Connector (IEC 61754-20)
This connector is part of a new generation of compact connectors. It was developed by Lucent (LC stands for Lucent Connector). Its design is based on a 1.25 mm-diameter ferrule. Its duplex adapter matches the size of an SC adapter. As a result, it can achieve extremely high packing densities, which makes the connector attractive for use in data centers.connector_lc
SC Connector (IEC 61751-4)
SC stands for square connector or subscriber connector. It makes high packing densities possible because of its compact design, and can be combined into duplex and multiple connections. Despite its age, the SC continues to gain in importance because of its outstanding properties. It has been the most important WAN connector worldwide up to today, usually as a duplex version, because of its good optical properties.connector_sc-pc-apc
E-2000™ Connector (LSH, IEC 61753-15)
This connector is a development by the company Diamond SA which specializes in LAN and CATV applications. It is produced by three licensed manufacturers in Switzerland, which has also led to its unequaled quality standard. The integrated protective flap provides protection from dust and scratches as well as laser beams. The connector can be locked using grids and levers which can be coded by color and also mechanically.

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