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Fiber Optic Pigtails – How They Are Useful

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Fiber optic technology has revolutionized the way the communication can be handled in an efficient and faster manner. As fiber cable network is built by drawing the long lines of physical cables, it is highly impossible to lay a continuous cable end-to-end. Hence the technology of ‘connectors’ has been put in place.
These connectors are the equipments that are placed at regular intervals of space to join the fiber optic cables. They are of two types i.e. (1) Pigtails and (2) Breakout kits.
Fiber Optic PigtailsHow They Are Useful
How fiber optic cables are Connected by Pigtails
Fiber pigtails are generally un-buffered, short and single piece of equipment with a connector attached at one end of the cable and the other end is just exposed. This end of the pigtail will be stripper and then sliced using fusion slicer and attached to a particular fiber of a multi fiber trunk.
Pigtails do have male and female connectors in which male connectors will be used for direct plugging of an optical transceiver while the female connectors are mounted on a patch panel.
Types of Pigtails
There are two types of fibre cable pigtails:
(1) Singlemode pigtails and
(2) Multimode pigtails
They come in two packing i.e. 4 Pack and 12 Pack.
Singlemode pigtails
The Anderson Fibre Optic pigtails code named as FC OS1 Singlemode 9/125 have 12 cores of cables which can be spliced directly in to the fiber optic cables. Each optic cable of this pigtail is color coded as per the international standards. Each pigtail measures 900 microns and 1.5 meters in length.
Multimode pigtails
The Anderson OM3 Multimode pigtails (SC OM1 Multimode 62.5/125 Simplex 900 micron Pigtails) are provided with 12 cores of cables which can be spliced directly in to a multi-cable trunk through fusion splicing.Multimode pigtails
These cables are color coded as per the international standards and come with key feature like SC connectors. Each pigtail measures 62.5 microns with OM1 multimode and comes in 1.5 meter length.
SC OM3 Multimode 50/125 fibre optic pigtail is another multimode fiber cable pigtail from Anderson Corp with is again comes in 12 pack with international color code. Each pigtail measures 50 microns with OM3 multimode and comes with 1.5 meters of length.
Anderson Corp is offering lifetime warranty on their singlemode and multimode pigtails.
Usefulness of Pigtails
Pigtails offer low insertion loss, low back-reflection and are designed to for the applications that involve high fiber count splicing.

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