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fiber-mart.com Rack Mount Duplex CWDM OADM and DWDM OADM

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OADM is a device used in WDM systems for multiplexing and routing different channels of fiber into or out of a single mode fiber. According to different wavelengths it can be divided into CWDM OADM and DWDM OADM, CWDM/DWDM OADM are designed to optically add/drop one or multiple CWDM /DWDM channels into one or two fibers.
fiber-mart.com can offer various CWDM/DWDM OADM configurations to fit your CWDM/DWDM network system. Our CWDM OADM modules are available in Field Module ABS Plastic Box, 19″ Rack Mount Chassis and LGX Metal Cassette Box packages. What we can provide the available configuration ranges from 1 to 16 channels. In a word, we can meet your different needs of different channels port connectors and com port connectors.
Then I will introduce respectively a product of CWDM OADM and DWDM OADM. First, the kind of CWDM OADM products is 1 channel CWDM OADM East-and-West over dual fiber packaged in 1RU Rack Mount, it means that 1 channel and the duplex CWDM/AD modules add (multiplex) and drop (demultiplex) selected wavelengths over dual fiber duplex CWDM MUX & DEMUX link for East-and-West Traffic. And it is worth to be introduced that it even apply to Low-cost transceivers , and existing equipment can still be used.
Another kind of product is 4 channels DWDM OADM over dual fiber packaged in 1RU Rack Mount. The metro distance can up to 80 km and the kind of product Entirely passive device, one of the most important points is that it need not power to supply. This quality of the product is also very good, it went through ISO 9001 manufacturing facility.
fiber-mart.com offers a wide range of WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) optical networking products. It is very important for the users mainly is that it is designed up to users’ requirements, with Added/dropped channels being interfaced to any of Fibertsore CWDM/DWDM transceivers on the equipment side, and it also provides optional port configurations such as: express port, monitor port, 1310nm passband port and 1550nm port for these multiplexers according to customers’ choice.

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