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Find the best fiber optic cleaning kit

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Like any other object in the world, fiber optic should be properly cleaned and maintained in order to ensure a proper functionality. However, since we are talking about a very sensitive and unique product, you need to know that the cleaning process will involve a special fiber optic cleaning kit. There are lots of products included in such a kit. When it comes to fiber optic cleaning, you can always rely on a cleaning solution based on isopropyl alcohol that is designed especially for optical fiber. This solution dissolves grease and other contaminants from the optical fibers in order to ensure a good welding session.
This substance is usually sold in containers of 1 liter. For more precise dosing, the liquid will be poured into smaller containers. You can also use some specially designed napkins to finish your fiber optic cleaning process before welding. These napkins are also moistened with isopropyl alcohol. However, you should be really careful when using these substances since they are really flammable. You should also avoid breathing the vapors released by the substance. Another important aspect that you should consider is that the napkins should be used in well ventilated spaces. 
IBC Brand Cleaner H125
You will also find a fiber optic cleaning kit for optical connectors. Such a kit will allow you to quickly clean more than 800 connectors, regardless if we are talking about simple connectors or patchpanel and ODF adapters. The kit is composed from an easy-to-carry bag with all the products necessary to conduct the fiber optic cleaning process. It is mostly used by the technicians that work on the field. The kit contains a liquid spray for cleaning, lint-free cloth napkins and special cleaning sticks. 
The most used solutions for cleaning optical connecters have been used to create this special fiber optic cleaning kit. You will be able to clean up to 800 optical connectors with the help of this kit. The bag contains pockets where you can store numerous other cleaning accessories. Moreover, there is also a flammable cleaning spray included in the kit as a bonus. This spray is quite handy and acts as a special fiber optic cleaner. This spray contains a solution that is designed especially to help technicians clean the fiber optic very fast. The liquid is also created in such a manner as to respect the harsh demands of optical telecommunications industry. 
The spray removes fingerprints, grease, dust and fluff, and, unlike traditional solutions, it dries very quickly, and the risk of the fluid to remain on the connectors is much smaller. It can be used on single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic products, connectors, plastic materials, glass, ceramics, metals, adhesives, epoxy resins and so on. You can also use it to clean lenses, mirrors, prisms, and screens of any kind. This is a good nonflammable and nontoxic substitute for isopropyl alcohol. The liquid evaporates rapidly and there are few chances for it to remain on the connectors. Overall, these are the main products that should be included in any fiber optic cleaning kit.

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