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FTTx Solution Based On EPON

by www.fiber-mart.com

Social networking and new media have created unprecedented expectations for personalization and interactivity in entertainment and business communications. As applications bloom to address the market opportunities, they are putting pressure on limited bandwidth and driving user demand for higher bandwidth access technologies. Fiber solutions offer carriers a means to deliver orders of magnitude more bandwidth while reducing their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

fiber-mart.com equipment provides carriers FTTx solution options for strategically introducing Active Ethernet and EPON while ensuring a migration path to emerging 10G access technologies.

fiber-mart.com’s FTTx platform, fully utilizes all the advantages of the EPON technology. It is designed for telecom operators and broadband service providers to deliver quality of service broadband connections to the end user, enabling a wide range services and applications, such as High Definition IPTV, Video on demand and high-speed data.
In the realization of FTTH, GEPON can choose to provide high-speed Internet access, voice, IPTV, CATV, and other comprehensive business according to needs of users, and we won’t be restricted by Insufficient bandwidth. At the same time, it also provides enough bandwidth for the family gateway to realize in the future.
The GEPON series products are fully considering the characteristics of the FTTB. It has designed various types of ONU model in corridor and satisfy the 8/16/24 users access requirements.
Key Benefits 
•  Flexible Deployment Options
fiber-mart.com’s FTTx product portfolio fits the needs of carriers planning for all types of deployment scenarios. The TP6900 olt provides a modular chassis based on a medium density, highly reliable FTTx solution for CO deployments. The TP3100,TP3500 OLT provides a compact (1U) system for flexible deployments. fiber-mart.com provides telecom operators a complete portfolio of FTTx customer premise equipment supporting single family units, small business units and multi dwelling/tenant units to address various levels of customer service requirements.The solutions provide 100Mbps broadband services to a connected subscriber’s gateway and/or computers. The ONUs provide 10/100M Base-T Ethernet ports with advanced L2 functionality for Data and IPTV video services, and are configured and managed remotely via the OLT.
•  Scalable Bandwidth
Applications FTTx Products provide flexible bandwidth options with guaranteed QoS , enabling a range of services to the end users. TP6900 is capable of delivering non blocking 1 Gbps bandwidth per fiber. It also supports a flexible concentration ratio for the uplinks, as well as supporting up to 64 splits per fiber. Thus the carrier is provided with an option rich platform to serve varying customer needs on a single platform. It also supports the capability to scale bandwidth as the need arises. TP3100 TP3500 platform provide varying amounts of bandwidth per userdepending on the deployment scenario.
•  Advanced Video Management Features With up to 1024 Multicast groups, sub 50ms Channel Zapping Delays, and an efficient multi-layer multicast architecture, it provides the most advanced IPTV friendly feature set in the industry.

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