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How much do you know about CWDM Multiplexer and DWDM Multiplexer

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CWDM multiplexer and DWDM multiplexer are two main products of WDM multiplexer. The full name of WDM, CWDM and DWDM are wavelength division multiplexing, coarse wavelength division multiplexing and dense wavelength multiplexing respectively. How much do you know about them? If you have no idea, the following introduction will help you a lot.
In the very first place, let’s get to know what the WDM is. Based on a single fiber optic transmission, many optical signals that are loaded with information and have different wavelengths can be synthesized into one single beam by WDM multiplexer. Then, a special communication technology will be adopted to separate those optical signals at the receiving terminal. On the basis of WDM technique, the CWDM device and DWDM device are two popular products in the current market.
CWDM device
When it comes to the CWDM multiplexer, first of all, it provides service for metropolitan area network access layer, whose working principle is in line with WDM multiplexer. However, it simplifies the structure largely. For example, the filter film layer number of CWDM is just 50, while the WDM is as many as 200 layers. That is to say, the rate of finished products has been improved and the cost has been reduced largely. Besides low cost, the CWDM device is also advantageous in small volume, small power consumption, convenient maintenance and large transmission capacity. The laser device in the system doesn’t need semiconductor refrigerator and temperature controller, which can lessen the power consumption obviously. However, the CWDM also has shortcomings. For instance, developing and simplifying the optical transceiver module and optical component is urgent to be solved.
DWDM device
As to the DWDM multiplexer, comparatively speaking, it makes the best use of fiber-optical bandwidth and enhances the message capacity of cellular system, which is well-known for simple dilatation and stable performance. Integrated system and open system are two dominant application systems of DWDM multiplexer, which are based on different wavelength conversion technologies. No matter which system is adopted, the free-running 1510nm wavelength will be chosen to carry OSC or optical supervisory channel so as to transmit information. Such an OSC is a comparatively independent subsystem, which offers maintenance and management information.
The last question is what advantages WDM technique has when compared with traditional transmission methods. Generally speaking, it includes such aspects as making best use of low-loss wave band, transmitting several optical signals in one optical fiber, good flexibility, low investment cost, excellent system reliability and fast and convenient recovery.

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