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Indoor/Outdoor Multifiber Cables

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In the case of building network connectivity between two buildings, within a large building, or connecting networks from the cabinet of the third-party Internet service provider (ISP) to your home, fiber optic cable is used in order to meet the requirements of bandwidth, distance and noise. Outdoor fiber optic cable is good for outdoor cabling but not suitable for indoor applications. At the meantime, ordinary indoor fiber optic cable is not designed for outdoor cabling. Only indoor/outdoor fiber cables can be used both for connecting networks of two buildings, inside the building and in the entrance facilities as well. For a specific indoor/outdoor use, to customize pre-terminated indoor/outdoor multifiber cable is an excellent solution for effective and high quality cabling.
What Benefits Can Pre-Terminated Indoor/Outdoor Multifiber Cable Bring?
Pre-terminated indoor/outdoor multifiber cable is designed for both indoor and outdoor cabling. The first benefit it can bring is time-saving, especially in deploying large number of fiber cables. These multifiber cables are precisely terminated with connectors during the manufacturing, so that the time needed for splicing and termination is omitted. In addition, the insertion losses and return losses are controlled in better range to ensure high quality communication. Another feature that contributes to time-saving the pulling eye. It speeds up the process of pulling a bundle of fiber cables in the underground duct.
The second benefit is strong protection to the fragile fiber optic cable. For example, the jacket of our indoor/outdoor multifiber cable is PE (Polyethylene). The PE jacket is perfect for withstanding lower temperatures due to the semi-crystalline thermoplastic material in the PE compound. So fiber optic cables with PE jacket can be installed in colder climates. Apart from the good cold- durability, PE jacket also has features of excellent UV (ultraviolet) resistance, moisture-proof and anti-fungus. Our indoor/outdoor multifiber cable has a black PE jacket, which is capable of better UV resistance, and it can be used in both dry areas and slightly damp conduits. But it should not be directly buried underground, immersed in the water or exposed to the sun. Outdoor use only cable is an alternative in these harsh environments. The pulling eye design also protects the connectors of the indoor/outdoor multifiber cable and prevents the cable from twisting during the installation. It ensures that under the tensile strength, the pulling force and the reinforcing part of the optical cable do not act on the core and the optical cable sheath. It allows a tension up to 245N.
The last benefit is the flexible selections. Customized indoor/outdoor multifiber cable allows the user to buy only the required length and fiber count for installation and no waste of money or fiber cable. Besides, the breakout legs can be fan-out at same length or staggered at various lengths, meeting diverse needs. The connector types at both ends are also available with LC/ SC/FC/ST options of APC/UPC polish.
Applications of Indoor/Outdoor Multifiber Cable
As has mentioned before, the indoor/outdoor multifiber cable is ideal for building the network connectivity between two buildings, connecting from the ISP to our home through the use of underground conduit and indoor high bandwidth wiring.
For long-distance connections between two buildings, the single-mode indoor/outdoor multifiber cable can provide 2 to 24 fibers that support high speed traffic of 10G/40G/100G between the core network and the branch network. And the speed could be doubled/tripled when using link aggregation via multiple fiber links. The pre-terminated solution allows easy plugging into the devices without the need to do splicing. When laying the conduit, remember to prevent the ingress of water, dirt, sand, and other foreign materials into the conduit prior to, during and after construction.
Multimode indoor/outdoor multifiber cable is perfect for indoor short-distance connections. It simplifies the laying part of the connectivity between many nodes to only one cable. Together with the pulling eye, it prevents messing up different cables and connectors that could happen in using many cables.
Indoor/outdoor multifiber cables are particularly used in both indoor and outdoor fiber optic cabling. And the pre-terminated design, durable jacket and pulling eye are combined to provide better protection to the cable and easier installation during the construction. Though it is not designed to be directly buried as more expensive outdoor only cables, it is cost-effective and excellent indoor/outdoor cable for its own purposes.

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