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What is ODC Connector?


ODC connectors are designed for the fiber to antenna (FTTA) applications. The ODC product range incorporates precision-machined rugged brass housings with two or four optical terminations in both singlemode and multimode fibers. The environmentally sealed, fixed and free connectors are supported by a range of highly crush resistant, high tensile strength "tactical" style cables.ODC fiber optic connector can with stand harsh environmental conditions when being used in outdoor applications. They are used for data and telecommunications in mobile radio, process, utility and traffic automation.


ODC Fiber Optic Cable System


The ODC connectors, together with the support optical cable, are becoming the standard interface specified in 3G, 4G and WiMax Base Station remote radios and Fiber-to-the-Antenna applications.ODC fiber optic patch cables with extremely robust outdoor connector are designed to withstand harsh environment such as mechanical loads, high thermal exposure, and demanding environments like rain, salt and splash water. It is known for their ease of installation and highest operation safety due to the robust and ruggedized design. ODC military grade cables are installation-friendly for fixed or mobile applications and transmit reliably data over long distances under severe environmental conditions.


The ODC cable assembly is based on the N Type RF Coax connector. The product, however, is not limited to the above applications. It is also in the oil, wind power, rail transport and heavy machinery of digital information transmission and other areas play a strong role.The ODC cable assemblies have passed tests like salt mist, vibration and shock and meet protection class IP67. They are well suited for industrial and Aero-space and Defense applications.



We believe there is no country in the world in which ODC assemblies have not been installed yet. There is no other RRH interface which is used more often and which was chosen by more system vendors. The success comes from the fact that ODC is an extremely robust outdoor connector which withstands all installation hazards – and most importantly – does not permit handling errors. ODC makes mobile networks more reliable and guarantees 100 % performance.

Fiber-Mart provides all types of outdoor fiber connectors. These connectors meet the highest quality and robustness standards, and they offer reliability and flexibility for outdoor applications.For purchasing more high quality fiber optical connectors with low cost or for more products’ information, please contact us:[email protected]

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