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Introduction of OP-2000C Fiber Optic Polishing Machine

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Introduction of OP-2000C Fiber Optic Polishing Machine

OP-2000C Fiber Optic Polishing Machine

ptical Fiber Polisher, OP-2000C is corner pressure polshing machine for fiber connectors.
Key Features:

Can polish 24~40 connector at same time, very applicable to bulk production.

Polish process using liquid crystal display, can display the time polish, polish speed and polish times, making the process easier to control quality.

Polish fixture with square pressure, the pressure from the elastic cushion into the decision to ground the pressure volume, simple products with high precision and consistent.

post comply with IEC standards can produce geometric face.
planetary orbit by way of Research MoIPC using the new fixture (each mortise, independent compression) technology allows a higher passing rate of industrial production, and is willing to either one or 24 polish connector,polish effects the same operation and high flexbility.

MU and LC connector maximum polish 24 connectors,SC,FC,ST up to 20~40
Treatment with high quality stainless steel had to make the machine to maintain a very high accuracy and usage 

Application for high volume production, and the polishing jig is fixed with 4 points, the polishing pressure is determines by coil spring and elastic cushion.    

Designed for polishing manner with planet tray.   
Using a new I.P.C jig technology (every ferrule is pressed singly) and making the finished yield rate much higher.    
Dual APC & PC polishing and Accommodating most styles of connectors   

High efficiency to deal with all kinds of connectors. The maximum polishing quantity for MU and LC connectors is 24 pcs; And maximum polishing quantity for SC, FC and ST connectors is 20 pcs.   

The polisher was made by high quality stainless steel with heat treatment and it is high accuracy and durability.   
Quick to change jigs,  Easy and flexible to operate.   

APC return loss as low as -70 dB,  UPC return loss as low as -60 dB, Insertion loss 0.2 dB typical   
Super centering accuracy   

OP-1200C Fiber Optic Polishing Machine
Excellent connector endface polishing quality




High Volume, Installation

Pressure Source

Coil Spring

Polishing Capacity (max)

20 connectors for FC, SC and ST  / 24 connectors for MU/LC 


230 x 255 x 230mm


23.5 kg

Input Voltage

100-120VAC, 50/60Hz or 220-240VAC, 50/60Hz


2.5mm PC, APC  /  12.5mm PC, APC  /  MT, mini-MT


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