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Introduction of SM to MM Media Converters

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SM to MM Media Converters are Fiber-to-Fiber Media Converters used to conduct the transparent conversion between singlemode and multimode fiber for applications where media conversion required between multimode segments separated by long distances. Fiber-Mart provides various type of singlemode to multimode media converters, which fulfill the conversion at 850/1310nm or 850/1310/1550nm wavelengths and transmission distance up to 120 km. In addition, these Fiber-to-Fiber media converters also support transmission between dual fiber and simplex fiber.


Why use SM to MM fiber converters?

From the aspect of photoelectric conversion, the use of fiber converters greatly reduces the cost of fiber-to-the-home. What effect does it have on the conversion between singlemode-multimode, simplex-duplex, and different wavelengths? The following examples will illustrate the important role of fiber converters in these applications.

     As we all know, when the distance between two connection points in a network system is long, we need to use singlemode fiber optic cables to transmit optical signals to ensure the normal transmission of signals. Therefore, many network service providers use singlemode fiber optic cables for transmission. Optical signals, and many devices in data centers or enterprise networks are multimode fiber ports. At this time, a device is required to achieve single mode-multimode conversion of optical signals. Campus network is such a common application. The equipment in the campus building is usually a multimode fiber port, and the connection between buildings is usually a single mode fiber optic cable. The singlemode multimode conversion function of the fiber converter has been fully implemented at this time.


Select SM to MM fiber converter considerations?

1, single fiber, double fiber optional. Sometimes the optical fiber used in serial optical fiber networking is a certain optical fiber core that is distributed in the same optical cable that contains multi-core optical fibers. Obviously, using a single optical fiber core can save one optical fiber core compared to dual-core optical fibers.

2, volume and power consumption. In a complex optical fiber network, a large number of optical fiber converters are used. Therefore, the use of a small-sized optical fiber converter can greatly reduce the size of the cabinet, and a product with a low power consumption can reduce the size and cost of the power supply.

3, the versatility of the software. Is nothing to do with RS-232/RS-485 communication software, does not require settings, and is a true zero delay.

4, the versatility of single mode, multimode fiber. In many cases, serial optical fiber networking uses prefabricated fiber-optic cables, such as those used in Ethernet fiber-optic networks, and may be used for both long-distance single-mode fibers and near-distance multimode fibers.



Optical fiber converters are cost-effective solutions for expanding networks such as single-mode-multi-mode, simplex-duplex, and switching between different wavelengths, and increasing optical fiber capacity. They have wide applications in optical networks. Fiber-Mart provides various types of single mode to multimode media converters, which fulfill the conversion at 850/1310nm or 850/1310/1550nm wavelengths and transmission distance up to 120 km.

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