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Secure Fiber Optic Link With Keyed LC Connectivity Products

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The fiber optic demand is keeping increasing, which also increases the risks of unauthorized or inadvertent data changes. Various complicate software tools are being invented to secure the data links. Actually, these risks can be effectively reduced by using proper cabling hardware component. Keyed LC (also known as secure LC) connectivity products are suggested. How could keyed LC solve the problems that only complicate software tools can do? How to use them in the fiber optic network? This post will offer you the related details.
Understand Keyed LC Connectivity Products
The biggest characteristic of keyed LC connectivity products is their various colors. And behind these different colors are different keying features. Each color represents one unique pattern, which ensures that only the same-colored products can be connected to support the data link.
keyed LC connector and adapter
For example, the above picture shows the interfaces of a keyed LC connector and adapter which have yellow color and a unique keying pattern to ensure that they only fit each other. It is clearly showed that the inside structures of the yellow adapter and connector are different from the standard ones and are not compatible with the standards ones. All the other yellow-color LC products including LC patch cable, LC adapter panel and LC cassette has the same keying feature. In a keyed LC connectivity system, connections can be identified directly by their colors. If the color does not match, the keying feature will prevent the connector from carrying the signal.
color code of keyed LC products
Full Series Keyed LC Connectivity Products
Some vendor can provide up to 6, 8 or 10 different colored keyed LC connectivity products. In fiber-mart.COM, the keyed LC connectivity products are available in 12 different colors. The above picture shows the 12 different keying features that are identified by colors.
The keyed LC connectivity might be needed in any point of the fiber optic network. To satisfy these requirements and increase the cabling flexibility, a full series of keyed LC connectivity products are introduced in fiber-mart.COM, including keyed LC connector, keyed LC adapter, keyed LC patch cable, keyed LC adapter panel, keyed LC fiber optic cassette. And rack unit are also available for better network management. All of these products are available for single-mode (OS2) and multimode (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4) applications. Please note different providers might have different keying pattern, even their keyed LC products are in the same color.
keyed LC connection guide
How to Use Keyed LC Connectivity Product in Fiber Optic Network
The using of keyed LC connectivity products is not much different from the standard ones. However, they are much more easier for identification and management because of their color-identification system. The above picture shows a typical fiber optic link that is commonly deployed in today’s fiber optic network from data center switch to the target devices. The required keyed LC connectivity products are listed in the following table.

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