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The features and advantages of the SFF fiber optical module

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http://www.fiber-mart.com/active-optical-cables-aoc-10g-sfp-to-sfp-aoc-c-1_686_771.htmlThe SFF fiber optic module, whose data rate is less than 1000M generally, often adopts the LC interface. The small package SFF optical module adopts the advanced precision optics and integrated circuit process. The size of the SFF module is only half of the common duplex SC (1X9) fiber optic transceiver. Therefore, we are able to increase double number of the optical port in the same space, increase the line port density and reduce the system cost per port.

In addition, the SFF fiber optical module adopts the MT-RJ interface which is similar to the copper network; and the size of this MT-RJ interface is similar to the common copper network interface of the computer network.
1.25Gbps SFF 1310nm 40km Transceiver
Therefore, it will be conducive to meet the rapidly increasing demand for the network bandwidth from the existing network based on the copper to the higher data rate fiber-optic network.

The X2 Module is a main package module in the 10G fiber optic transceivers. The X2 module is developed from the XENPAK; and the X2 optical module is the input/output device which supports the hot-plug. The X2 module is mainly used in the Ethernet switch with 2 ports or the router. The common X2 module includes X2-10GB-SR and X2-10GB-LR. The X2 module also adopts the XENPAK electrical interface, but there are a few exceptions. X2 provides a 4-bit port address space, a bit less than XENPA.


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