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The way to Use The Fiber Optic Cleaver

by www.fiber-mart.com

Fiber optic cleaver is used to cut the fiberglass to make a good end face, as we know the quality of the bare fiber end face will determine the quality of the joint of the fibers in the fiber optic fusion process, and the joint point quality means higher or lower attenuation of the fiber connection line. So the fiber optic cleaver is very important in the fiber splicing process, it works together with the fusion splicer to meet the end needs.
Operation method
1.Verify that the device has the blade sliding plate in front of one end, open the size platen;
2.Stripped fiber coating stripping fiber clamp reserve bare fiber length of 30-40mm, to wrap fiber, cotton wool or tissue dipped in alcohol then clean fiber. Rub with cotton wool or tissue paper, do not use the same cotton wool or tissue paper to rub the second (Note: Please use plain Greater than 99% alcohol).
3. Visual edge alignment of the fiber coating cutter ruler (12-20cm) appropriate scale, the left hand placed in the optical fiber oriented pressure tank the bare fiber placed straight on the left and right rubber mat.
4.Together on a small plate, large platen to promote devices blade slider the blade dicing fiber under surface, and is free to slide to the other side, cut fiber;
5.The left hand held onto the cutter, the right hand to open a large pressure plate and remove fiber debris into fixed container.
6.Pinch the optical fiber with the left hand while the right hand to open the small pressure plate, carefully remove the fiber cut end face, attention: the neat fiber cross-section do not touch it matter.
The advantages of fiber optic cleaver
1. Excellent beam quality of a smaller of focal diameter and high working efficiency, high quality;
2. High cutting speed: cutting speed greater than 10m/min;
3. Stable operation: the world’s top import fiber optic lasers, stable performance, key parts can reach 100,000 hours;
4. The high efficiency of photoelectric conversion: Compare with CO2 laser cutting machine, fiber optic laser cutting machine have three times photoelectric conversion efficiency;
5. Low cost: to save energy and protect the environment Photoelectric conversion rate as high as 25-30%. The low power consumption, which is the traditional CO2 laser cutting machine is only about 20% -30%;
6. Low maintenance costs: fiber line transmission, no need reflect lens, save maintenance costs;
7. Simple operation: optical fiber transmission lines, there is no adjustment of the optical path;
8. Super flexible optical effects: compact design, compact and easy to flexible manufacturing requirements.
fiber-mart.COM supply all kinds of high precision single fiber cleaver (such as CT 30A Fiber Cleaver, CT 10 Fiber Cleaver, CT 10A Fiber cleaver and so on)for fusion splicer, ribbon splicing and field cleaver for Fiber Optic Mechanical Splices, high quality, convenient, flexible, excellent performance and high reliability.

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