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Transceiver Optics and Connection for Brocade 7840 Extension Switch

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Today’s IT organizations are under pressure to keep pace with the growing avalanche of data traffic between data centers and the changes driven by virtualized application workloads within Fibre Channel and IP storage environments. Storage administrators need to replicate large amounts of data quickly, securely, reliably and simply while minimizing operational and capital expenses. To address this challenge, the Brocade 7840 extension switch with Brocade fabric vision technology delivers unprecedented performance, strong security, continuous availability, and simplified management to handle the unrelenting transfer of data between data centers.
Brocade 7840 Extension Switch Overview
Designed for high-speed, secure transport of data between data centers while maintaining uptime, the Brocade 7840 is an ideal platform for building a high-performance data center extension infrastructure for replication and backup solutions (see the picture below). It leverages any type of inter-data center WAN transport to extend open systems and mainframes storage applications over any distance. Without the use of extension, those distances are often impossible or impractical.
The picture above shows that the Brocade 7840 provides scalable deployment options to extend multiprotocol disaster recovery and data protection storage solutions over long distances. Besides, the Brocade 7840 addresses the most demanding disaster recovery requirements. Twenty-four 16G Fibre Channel/FICON ports, sixteen 1/10G ports, and two 40G ports provide the bandwidth port density, and throughput required for maximum application performance over WAN connections. The following picture illustrates the Brocade 7840 switch ports and status indicators.
1.System (SYS) status LED
2.Power (PWR) LED
3.USB port
4.Ethernet management (mgmt) port
5.Serial Console management port
6.Twenty-four Fibre Channel ports: with link speeds of 2, 4, 8, and 16 Gbps, compatible with short wavelength (SWL), long wavelength (LWL) and extended long wavelength (ELWL) SFP+ transceivers (available wavelength options vary for 8 and 16Gbps SFPs) and capable of auto-negotiating to maximum link speed).
7.Two 40G ports: compatible with short reach (SR) and long reach (LR) QSFP+ transceivers.
8.Sixteen 1/10G ports: For 10 Gbps, compatible with ultra short reach (USR), short reach (SR) and long reach (LR) SFP+ transceivers; For 1 Gbps, compatible with -SX, -LX, and -CX (copper) SFP transceivers.
Connection Option for Brocade 7840 Extension Switch
The connection option for Brocade 7840 extension switch can be various. The following picture shows an example of 10G to 40G migration connection between two Brocade 7840 extension switches.
1. 10GBASE-SR SFP+, 850nm 300m, MMF, LC duplex
2. 8 Fibers OM4, 12 Strands MTP Harness Cable, MTP Female to LC UPC Duplex, Polarity Type B
3. 1U Rackmount FHD Series Fiber Enclosure, Loaded with 4 FAPs (12xMTP Key-up/Key-down)
4. 12 Fibers OM4, 12 Strands MTP Female to Female, Polarity Type B, 0.35dB Trunk Cable
5. 40GBASE-SR4 QSFP+, 850nm 150m, MMF, MTP/MPO Interface
Transceiver Optics for Brocade 7840 Extension Switch
The Brocade 7840 extension switch has been enhanced to support IP, as well as Fibre Channel, to provide fast and secure connectivity for IP storage between data centers, enabling organizations to better meet their disaster recovery objectives. It offers both 40G and 10G Fibre Channel over IP connectivity options. The following table lists the transceivers supported for Brocade 7840 extension switch.
The Brocade 7840 extension switch is a purpose-built extension solution that securely moves more data over distance faster while minimizing the impact of disruptions. The transceiver optics supported for Brocade 7840 are all available in fiber-mart.COM. Moreover, all of the transceivers are tested to ensure good performance.

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