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Two Main Advantages Of Mechanical Splice

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When it comes to the advantages of mechanical splice,several things should be taken into consideration, especially it’s cost and performance.
Low Costs
Owing to the low price of manufacturing, the cost of mechanical splice is also very low .Besides this, it is very easy for users to install and maintain the mechanical splice, which means that users can just follow the instructions and install it by themselves without any problem.Compared with other kinds of splice whose installation is so complex that only the specialist can finish installing it, mechanical splice is really cost-effective.
Excellent Performance
The excellent performance of mechanical splice can be seen in many aspects.
To begin with, the non-embedded structure has served a lot for the excellence of mechanical splice’s performance. As there is no embedded fiber and matching cream in mechanical splice,therefore, when the installation is finished, a magnifying glass can help to check the fiber ends. In this way, the large loss of fiber connection can be avoided.
In another way, mechanical splice also has an excellent reliability. It is due to that the clamping device of mechanical splice is made by elastic metallic material, which can avoid the emergence of aging problem. Except for this,with the anti-vibration and anti-drop device,the fiber clamping force is very reliable and the changes of temperature don’t have any impact on it.
Besides these, the stability continuation of mechanical splice is also very splendid.There is snapping force in its butt joint. And no inter space exists in the ends when jointing the fiber together; therefore, the connection loss is usually lower than 0.3db or even 0.1db. What’s more, since the mechanical splice does not apply the matching cream, the problems of matching cream can also be avoided.
In a word, mechanical splice has many advantages that others lack, and there is no doubt that excellent performance and reasonable price are what customers needed most.

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