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Before you install the fiber optic cables that are going to make up a network, you should perform the proper testing on them to ensure that they’re up for the task of transporting light. If there are any breaks in fiber optic cables, they won’t be able to transmit data effectively and will hurt your entire network. You can check to see if fiber optic cables are up for the task of carrying light by running a continuity test on them.
To run a continuity test on fiber optic cables, you’ll need to use a fiber optic tracer. A fiber optic tracer can be connected directly to the fiber optic cables that you’re testing so that light can be sent through the cables. If that light comes out the other end of the cables during a continuity test, it means that there aren’t any breaks in the fiber optic cables. You can feel free to use the fiber optic cables without worrying about encountering any issues with them.
However, if you run a continuity test and aren’t able to see light coming out the other end of your fiber optic cables, you have a problem on your hands. This suggests that there is probably a break somewhere in your cables or a connection within your fiber optic network that is off. Whatever the case, your continuity test will reveal that you need to use different fiber optic cables when creating your network. Otherwise, your cables aren’t going to be able to transmit data for you once you begin using the network.

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