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While using fiber optic cleaner, what you should do, what not

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The fiber optic cable is very sensitive and you cannot use the fiber optic cleaning carelessly because it this cable contains the optic in it. Thus, you are not allowed to use the optic cleaning roughly. Get some precaution before using the fiber optic cleaner because if you use it roughly, it would scratch the optics of the cables and it would become damaged and would not be usable anymore. The cost of this cable is very high; therefore, it is not better to take any risk. Take the below precautions that are written below for protecting the fiber optic cable, connector from any damages.  
1. When you move for cleaning the cable, connector and other equipment of the fiber optic, first identify the contaminants and only prefer to clean it up by taking the precaution. If you get rid of these contaminants, then your problem would be solved. While doing the cleaning of contaminants, you should change some equipment of the optic cleaner for doing work fast. 
2. First, do the check up the all equipment and find out the exact contaminants that should be clean for running the equipment. Sometimes Due to the multiple contaminants, the server, and other network become blocked. Thus, you have to find and clean it up by using the fiber optic cleaner. 
3. Use the neat and clean cloth for removing the contaminants or use the best fiber optic cleaner that does not leave dust in the equipment and make it clean from every aspect. 
4. After cleaning the contaminants check it properly, that you have done the work perfectly and nothing is left inside the equipment. 
5. Do not dare to skin any of the above steps, while cleaning the fiber optic cable and equipment. The equipment of the fiber optic cable is very expensive. Thus, you cannot take any risk while doing the cleaning of these cables.
Usually, different services and equipment remains connected with the fiber optic cable, if you mistakenly do any wrong thing while cleaning these cables, it would be very difficult to find out the product and it would take a lot of time to resolve and the client of the company would keep calling them for solving that product instantly. It is the worst situation for any company. Thus, be care full while using the fiber optic cleaner.

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