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OS2 Singlemode Cable

OS2 Singlemode patch cable has a small diametral core that allows only one mode of light to propagate.This application is typically used in long distance, higher bandwidth runs by Telcos, CATV companies, and Colleges and Universities. Fibermart PVC/LSZH 9/125um OS2 single mode fiber patch cables are standard fiber optic cables terminated with LC/SC/ST/FC/MTRJ/MU/SMA connectors on both ends, such as LC-LC, LC-SC, LC-ST, SC-ST, SC-SC, ST-ST etc.


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Buy OS2 singlemode cables from FiberMart today. They are available in duplex and simplex as well as Plenum-rated (OFNP single mode fiber cables). The OS2 SM Patch Cable can be customized in optional lengths and are 100% optically tested for maximum performance before shipping worldwide. Each assembly is serialized for easy identification and sealed in individual Ziploc bags. Test results are contained in each order. They are constructed from high quality fiber glass and high grade connectors with ceramic ferrules for increased durability and accuracy. Buy singlemode patch cables today. Buy 9/125 Singlemode Cable from Fiber-MART.COM



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