PM Fiber Splitter

Polarization Maintaining Fiber Splitter, PM PLC Splitter & PM FBT Coupler Splitter


Fibermart Polarization Maintaining Fiber Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) Splitters allow a user to split a single input signal evenly into 2/4/8/16/32/64 output signals, which is ideal for high-channel-count applications. In contrast to FBT fused biconic taper fiber splitter couplers, where light is coupled from one fiber core to the other, these devices operate as a continuous waveguide that splits the propagating signals. Each splitter features a ±40 nm bandwidth around both 630nm, 780nm, 980nm, 1310 nm and 1550 nm center wavelengths. They cannot be used in reverse to combine light sources together into one output port.


  • 630nm, 780nm, 980nm, 1310/1550 nm ± 40 nm Polarization-Maintaining Fiber Optic Splitters
  • FBT PM Splitter, Filter PM Splitter or PLC PM Splitter Available from Fibermart
  • 2.0 mm Narrow Key(or Wide Key optional) FC/PC or FC/APC or LC UPC, LCAPC Connectors
  • Individual Test Report Included with Each Splitter (Click Here for a Sample Data Sheet)
  • Custom Wavelength, Coupling Ratio, and Connector Options


These splitters are using pm PANDA fiber. The stress rods run parallel to the fiber's core and apply stress that creates birefringence in the fiber's core, allowing polarization-maintaining operation. Linearly polarized light must be launched along the slow axis of the fiber to achieve the specified coupling ratio and maintain a high polarization extinction ratio (PER).

Fibermart' PM Splitters provide a PER of ≥18.0 dB including connectors. They have a maximum power handling of 300 mW with connectors or bare fiber and a maximum power handling of 500 mW when spliced. They undergo extensive testing and verification of the PER; A sample data sheet for the 1310/1550 nm PM splitters can be viewed here.


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