Polarization Maintaining

Polarization Maintaining pm components can be utilized in high power optical amplifiers and optical transmission system, test and measurement. Fiber-Mart provided Polarizing Beam Combiner/Splitter (PBC/PBS) is a compact high performance light wave component that combines two orthogonal polarization signals into one output fiber, and also can split the incoming light into two orthogonal states. We also supply PM optical switch, PM Optical Attunuator, pm splitter, pm circulator, pm isolator, PM Filter, PM Polarizer, PM Faraday Mirror and the Isolator type (IPBC/IPBS) which provides both polarization beam combining and optical isolation in one integrated component.


High quality Polarization Maintaining Fiber Splitter, Polarization Maintaining Optical Switch, PM Attunuator, PM Circulator, PM Polarizer from Fibermart to Global


Polarization Maintaining fibers work by intentionally introducing a systematic linear birefringence in the fiber, so that there are two well defined polarization modes which propagate along the fiber with very distinct phase velocities. Note that a polarization maintaining fiber does not polarize light as a polarizer does. Rather, PM fiber maintains the linear polarization of linearly polarized light provided that it is launched into the fiber aligned with one of the fiber's polarization modes. polarization maintaining fibers should not be confused with single-polarization fibers, which can guide only light with a certain linear polarization.


Polarization Maintaining optical fibers are used in special applications, such as in fiber optic sensing, interferometry and quantum key distribution. They are also commonly used in telecommunications for the connection between a source laser and a modulator, since the modulator requires polarized light as input. They are rarely used for long-distance transmission, because PM fiber is expensive and has higher attenuation than singlemode fiber. Another important application is fiber-optic gyroscopes, which are widely used in the aerospace industry.


FIBERMART offers a wide range of polarization maintaining specialty optical fibers, either for lasers and amplifiers or for sensing applications. One of our key areas of expertise is our ability to produce polarization maintaining fibers 100% in-house, including preform drilling, PM fiber drawing, and fabrication of stress-applying parts. FIBERMART offers several types of broadband (UV–nIR) single-mode polarization maintaining fibers with large mode area. They are also available with collimators and alignment mechanics as complete fiber delivery solutions. We offer polarization maintaining fiber cables with different cut-off wavelengths and measured values for the effective fiber NA. The polarization analyzers series SK010PA are universal measurement and test systems for coupling laser beam sources into polarization maintaining fiber cables.

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