7mw Standard 1550nm  Direct Modulated optical transmitter with AGC

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  • 7mw Standard 1550nm  Direct Modulated optical transmitter with AGC

7mw Standard 1550nm Direct Modulated optical transmitter with AGC

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7mw Standard 1550nm Direct Modulated optical transmitter with AGC

1550nm intelligent directly modulated optical transmitter, mainly used in 1550nm optical fiber transmission system is the most important equipment to construct the CATV network. It mainly used for the value-added services of TV image signal, digital television signal, telephone voice signal and data (or compressed data) signal. By built-in WDM, multiplex the inter-cut optical signal and the main optical signal then output. After setting required optical difference, the perfect adjustable optical attenuation function can automatically control the inserted optical signal according to the main optical signal, realize inter-cut system full automatic adjustment. Provide high quality low cost solution for all-optical relay 1550 optical fiber CATV system, and local value-added services inter-cut.


  • Low noise high linearity Ortel-Emcore cooled DFB laser
  • RF power digital automatic process technology control the laser driving RF power lever automatically according to RF signal level and channels, ensuring the best C/N, CTB and CSO
  • Excellent pre-distortion technology improves CTB,CSO and C/N
  • Built-in microprocessor accurately monitors laser output power and temperature
  • Front panel VFD displays the status parameters and function message
  • SNMP network management optional
  • OEM is optional

  • Applications

    1. 1550nm Optical fiber transmission system
    2. Construct the CATV network
    3. Local value-added services inter-cut

    Technique Parameters

    ItemUnitTechnique Parameters
    Output optical powermW10
    Optical wavelengthnm 1550±10 (have to be ITU wavelength when with inter-cut function)
    Dispersion compensation distanceKm≤50
    Laser type DFB laser
    Optical modulation mode Direct optical intensity modulation
    Optical connector type FC/APC or SC/APC
    Frequency rangeMHz47-862/1003
    RF input leveldBuV75-85
    Flatness in banddB±0.75
    RF input impedanceΩ75
    Input return lossdB≥ 16
    C/CSOdB≥ 6025Km optical fiber, 0dB received
    C/CTBdB≥ 65
    C/NdB≥ 51
    AGC control rangedB±5
    MGC control rangedB0-20
    Supply voltageVAC 110V-250V (50Hz)
    Operating temperature0 -- 45
    Storage temperature45
    Relative humidity%Max 95% no condensation

    Block Diagram

    1550nm directly modulated optical transmitter block diagram
    Inter-cut part block diagram

    Front Panel

    Front panel schematic diagram

    1Power indicator2Running indicator3Laser indicator
    4RF input indicator5LCD6ESC key
    7UP key8DOWN key9Enter key
    10RF output test port11Laser switch

    Indicator Description

    Power indicator (POWER)Power onLED green
    Running indicator (RUN)Run normallyLED flash green
    Laser indicatorLaser OFFLED red
    Laser ONLED green
    RF input indicator (RF)No output or exceed the normal rangeLED flash red
    NormalLED green

    Rear Panel

    Rear Panel schematic diagram

    2RF input
    3Local RF inputGenerally reserved
    4Ground studUsed for the connection of device and ground wire
    5Optical inputInserted optical signal input (without inter-cut function, no this port)
    6Optical signal outputThis interface is the optical signal output port of the device (If select inter-cut function, this port is mixed output)
    7RS232 interfaceUsed for configuring the network management parameters.
    8LAN interfaceCorrespond to IEEE802.3 10Base-T, used for network management.
    9Switching power supplyHot plug


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