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Custom Armored Cable - GYTA(S)53

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  • Custom Armored Cable - GYTA(S)53
  • Custom Armored Cable - GYTA(S)53

Custom Armored Cable - GYTA(S)53

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Double Armors Double Jackets Stranded Loose Tube Steel-wire Strength Waterproof Outdoor Cable GYTA53

GYTA53 is a armored outdoor cable, suitable for installation in harsh environments where mechanical impact on the cable is to be expected.e.g. in direct buried application. They are also suitable for installation in ducts where the rodent resistance is to be expected or the moisture resistance is expected.

This fiber optic cable's max core is 144 cores. Double-jacket structure make cable have nice properties of moisture resistance and crush resistance. Double armor structure provide cable good property of rodent- resistance and moisture resistance. Metal strength member provides excellent strain performance. High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant. GYTA53 is a very good cable for harsh environment.

Cable Structure

  • Very good mechanical and temperature performance.
  • Small cable diameter, light cable weight, easily to lay.
  • Low dispersion and attenuation.
  • Corrugated steel tape armored and double sheath providing excellent crush resistance and rodent resistance, and moisture resistance.
  • Metal strength member provides excellent strain performance.
  • The following measures are taken to ensure the cable watertight:
    Steel wire used as the central strength member
    Loose tube filling compound
    100% cable core filling
    Water-blocking material
    High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant
    APL moisture barrier & PSP enhancing moisture-proof
  • Long-distance communication
  • local trunk line
  • CATV & computer networks system
  • Harsh environment


Package 1 Package 2
Package 1: usually for indoor cable, light weight cables.
Package 2: usually for outdoor cable, heavy weight cables
Usually for each roll, the cable length is 2km, but we could provide customized package for different cable lengths.


Usually we only attach Test Report on the out package of the cable, but we could also mark as your requirements, such as:
1. Company Name
2. Cross /Net weight
3. Drum No: XX
4. Cable Length : XX

Cable production throughout the chart


Cable Count Out Sheath
Weight Minimum Allowable Tensile Strength
Minimum Allowable Crush Load
Minimum Bending Radius
  (MM) (KG) short term long term short term long term short term long term (℃)
2-24 14.0 210.00 3000 1000 3000 1000 20D 10D -40+60
26-42 14.5 220.00 3000 1000 3000 1000 20D 10D -40+60
46-72 15.5 260.00 3000 1000 3000 1000 20D 10D -40+60
74-96 16.0 290.00 3000 1000 3000 1000 20D 10D -40+60
98-120 17.5 335.00 3000 1000 3000 1000 20D 10D -40+60
122-144 18.5 410.00 3000 1000 3000 1000 20D 10D -40+60

  G.652 50/125µm 62.5/125µm
(+20°C) (dB/km)
@850nm   ≤3.0 ≤3.0
@1300nm   ≤1.0 ≤1.0
@1310nm ≤0.36    
@1550nm ≤0.22    
Bandwidth (Class A) (MHz·km) @850nm   ≥600 ≥200
@1300nm   ≥1200 ≥600
Numerical Aperture   0.200±0.015NA 0.275±0.015NA
Cable Cut-off Wavelength λcc (nm) ≤1260    

Datasheet to Download


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