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Step-index Patch Cable

Fibermart offers multimode step-index fiber patch cables with SMA905 (straight steel ferrule) connectors on both ends. These cables are ideal for a broad range of wavelengths from 250 nm to 2400 nm.

Each patch cable includes two protective caps that shield the connector ends from dust and other hazards. Additional CAPM Rubber Fiber Caps and CAPSM Metal Threaded Fiber Caps for SMA-terminated ends are also sold separately.

The majority of the cables on this page have orange (Ø3 mm) or red (Ø3.8 mm) PVC furcation tubing, while the Ø1500 µm core fibers are packaged in stainless steel jackets. We recommend choosing stainless steel jackets when using fibers with large core diameters (≥Ø1000 µm) or high NAs (≥0.50) in light-sensitive applications, as it is easier for stray ambient light to penetrate the Ø3 mm and Ø3.8 mm fiber jackets. Alternatively, custom patch cables may be purchased that use our black or stainless steel furcation tubing, in order to minimize stray light entering the fiber.



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